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Furniture Placement Dilemmas | How to Decorate


Furniture PlacementQuestion:

Dear Ballard,

I dearly love your catalog and designs. We recently moved into our new home and decorating has been more of a challenge than I ever anticipated. We have an open concept design with our family room opening into our kitchen with a big u-shaped bar separating the space. We have struggled with the best furniture placement in our family room. It is a 15′ x 18′ room. Any of the furniture can be changed. Our goal is to have a comfortable, inviting space with the maximum amount of seating. I would really appreciate any advice you may have for me.

Thanks in advance,


Dear Bobbie,

Thank you for your recent Design Dilemma. We know how difficult open spaces are when it comes to furniture placement. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. We are providing you with a floor plan that should solve your

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Small space living pt.4-furniture placement around windows and doors

Welcome to part four of small space living! You can start the first day here.

small space living part four

One of the challenges of living in a smaller home is finding ways for  furniture placement around windows and doors, and either the lack of electrical outlets, or outlets in the wrong place.

According to the National association of home builders, in a house that is less than 2,000 square feet, the average living room is 256 square feet. My home is 1,100 square feet and my living room is 15 x 11. I am a  bit below average by almost 100 square feet… as many of us are!

But,there are solutions for living in a smaller home and getting all of your furniture in!

The first thing is to live by the tape measure and really see what fits and doesn’t. A 9 foot sofa just isn’t going to leave much room in a

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Piano Room Placement | Where to Position Your Piano In a Room

Piano room placement has been said to be a greater critical decision for piano owners, than maintaining and caring for a piano, long-term.

Correct piano room placement can result in achieving the best sound, performance, and most of all, longevity, of your piano during its lifetime, and most importantly, during your lifetime.

On this page, we will discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of different piano placement options, and their respective locations, below.

Several diagrams can be found on this page, showing where to place, and where NOT to place, your piano in a house, room, or building.

If you are searching for piano caster cups, to protect your floor or carpet, you may buy them, here.

If you need a cover for your piano, if placed in the path of direct or indirect sunlight, you may request one, here.

If you wish to protect the delicate

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Home theater seating layout: 5 key design and placement tips

The first task that should be done in any home theater design is choosing the number and type of seats. That’s probably surprising to most enthusiasts as they think that equipment is the first thing that should be selected! In fact seating choices end up dictating a lot of other things including room dimensions, acoustic treatment and subwoofer / speaker type and placement.

There are two ways to go about designing seating: from the “outside in” or from the “inside out”.


1. Seating Placement Approach

Outside In

For rooms with fixed dimensions (such as our demo room which was a remodel of an existing space) the approach to use is “outside in”. This means that you start with the room size and use this to determine the maximum number of seats, their type and arrangement into rows.


Inside Out

For rooms where there is flexibility in dimensions, such as a

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TV and Furniture Placement Ideas for Functional and Modern Living Room Designs

Lushome shares modern ideas and tips for living room furniture placement and positioning the TV on the wall. These ideas demonstrate how to create comfortable seating areas and very attractive and functional living room designs. Modern living rooms with the TV feature family friendly atmosphere and offer wonderful spaces for entertaining or rest.

It is easy to develop a furniture placement plan in a room with the TV. Comfort, safety, and functionality are the primary considerations for attractive and inviting room design. Here are the ideas for living room design and home staging tips helping select the best furniture placement plan for various room layouts and sizes.

First, you decide where your TV panel will be and then, develop the living room furniture placement for creating a comfortable seating area and making your interior decorating feel inviting and functional. The TV location defines the living room design and furniture placement,

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