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10 Best Living Room Chair For Back Pain [2020 Update]

Feeling the back ache after work? If you are one of the back pain sufferers that currently exist, you know how hard it can be to find a comfortable chair. Hence why we’ve listed Top 10 Best Living Room Chair for Back Pain.​ You don’t need to work outside to […]

Feeling the back ache after work?

If you are one of the back pain sufferers that currently exist, you know how hard it can be to find a comfortable chair.

Hence why we’ve listed Top 10 Best Living Room Chair for Back Pain.​

You don’t need to work outside to develop an injury on the job.

In fact, many of today’s office workers are prone to develop severe back pain over the course of their career as compared to people who do physical works.

But, a right choice of chair – both at work and at home can reverse this critical situation making your lifestyle more active and flexible. The right chair could even eliminate your back pain entirely.

In this article, we’ll look at the best living room chairs to use at home to give your back the support it needs.

Whether you have a back injury or have concerns about poor posture, read on to discover the best chairs for your back.

So, let’s start.

Table of Contents

Top 10 Best Home Chairs for Back Pain:

Best Chair for Lower Back Pain Sufferers:

#1. Oslo Mac Motion

If you are fond of stylish home furniture, then our next candidate will fill this gap by adding energy back inside your body.

Coming in beautiful cobblestone and merlot color, the uniform top grain leather upholstery completes the look making it amicable and one of the best living room chairs for back pain.

The high back hugs your back soothing every single muscle with the head rest taking care of your neck. The curved back supports the shoulders, and you can rest your arms on the foam filled armrest.

Your sore butt feels relieved since the chair has dense and wide seat pan. Oslo combines impeccably with the curved ottoman, letting you stretch your legs and reducing pain in ankles. User’s body starts getting refreshed as soon as he lies on this chair.

Rest your head during power naps as the adjustable headrest energizes the tired body. 360-degree swiveling lets you use the area around you complemented with a single handle to adjust the reclining angle.

Weighing 87 pounds, this relief provider can accommodate huge people. The rich colors match the walnut wood finish frame giving strength and long lasting comfort.

The base is a walnut wood structure which remains stable all the time. The shipping weight is 92 pounds and takes very less time to assemble.

An admirable design pairing up with a beautifully crafted ottoman, Oslo gives maximum relief, strengthening its top position in the list of best living room chair for back pain.


#2. Flash Furniture BT-7862

Moving further, we have BT-7862 chair by Flash Furniture. Flash Furniture Markets targeted consumer products designed to improve and enhance the lives in a variety of application.

Remove all the tiredness as soon as you reach your home in one of the best room chair for back pain. Boasting its high back, this overstuffed chair is an epitome of comfort.

Coupled with a tempting head and lumbar support, the chair looks tempting making the user sit on it. The dense seat pan is 27 inches wide giving out 5 color options like: Black, Brown, Burgundy, Cream and Palimino that are enough to be a part of your home or workplace.

Cleaning becomes a child’s play since the upholstery can be easily wiped with a wet cloth to revive its new look.

The chair houses padded armrest is helping you out during reclining, and the ottoman initiates you towards a comfortable power nap.

The ottoman coming as a partner of the chair helps to relax your legs as it is padded similarly with dense foam to facilitate uniform circulation through your feet.

You get a swiveling seat to make efficient use of your surrounding area. Flash Furniture is not just great for homes but at office places where you get enough users getting the advantage of reviving their lost energy.

Standing on a round rigid base, the chair remains stable even after the continuous motion of the user sitting on it.

To get the benefit of reclining motion, there is a knob on the right-hand side that lets to recline to the most comfortable angle the user wish for.

Summarizing all the features, the chair gives 5 color options and an ottoman for leg rest along with a comfy high back, lumbar support, padded armrests and a headrest.

Along with that, you get an opportunity for resting in all different angles with an adjustable knob on the right-hand side. Don’t hesitate to have one of the best recliner chairs for back pain.


Best Lounge Chair for Back Pain:

#3. X Rocker 51259

At the 3rd spot, we have one of the best lounge chairs for back- an innovation from X Rocker.
X Rocker launches 51259 Pro which is better than every previous X Rocker that existed.

The comfy seat made of fabric takes the shape of your back allowing flexibility and the lumbar supports the tail end of your spine. The headrest provides extra reclining angle. Hence you can play video games for longer hours.

The foldable chair weighs 23 kilo which makes it portable to carry wherever you want. Then fixed position gunstock arms provide extra support to your arms when seating idle.

The chair design consists of rocking angle featuring rocking and reclining facilities. Now you can take a quick nap after heavy game playing over the chair itself.

The control panel is on the right side of the chair providing easy access to the user. It consists of separate volume control and base keys. The vibration control helps you to modify the vibration intensity by choice.

The presence of input and output jack helps to connect your audio sources. Now you can use these jacks for multi-player games teaming up with friends while listening to the same beats.

The built-in wireless receiver and the box include a wireless transmitter that will send audio from any source with RCA output or headset to your gaming chair. You also get optional RCA cables.

The chair requires assembly which is made easier with assembly guide that is delivered along with the chair.

Your game play, movie watching, the music experience is enhanced as it packs 4 speakers, two at the top and two at the bottom that gives louder and better sound quality.

The speaker uses Audio Force Modulation Technology powered by sub-woofers that magnify sound quality and intensifies your gaming experience.

The X Rocker has additional vibration motors synching with your audio bass tones giving out a full body sensation. Now, you don’t just listen but feel the beats emitted by the extra speakers.

Looking at the features, the chair gives justice to its price tag in this list of best living room chair for back pain.


The comfort soft upholstery looks and feels like top quality leather. The foam filled back supports your entire spinal cord keeping it vertical while you sit.

It houses padded armrests that help your hands to stay relaxed while reclining. You get a leather pocket below the armrest to keep your stuff nearby like the remote, headphones, cell phone, etc.

This 50-pound chair is rigid enough to withstand 300 pounds of weight. The massage chair is available in brown and black color options.

Relaxzen has introduced a unique color option called the camouflage cushion design that suits your home decor in all three color options.

With a 27.5 inch backrest, the chair is great for a medium sized person. Approved by BIFMA, the chair houses four individual massage zones.

It has 8 vibration massage motors to relax the upper back, mid back, thighs, and calves. You have to choose independent massage zones, which includes 9 pre-programmed random modes.

Keeping the lower back in mind, the chair features soothing heat treatment in the lumbar area. The footrest also called as ottoman comes with the massage feature so that you can enjoy a massaging session from head to toe.

The chair has levers at the side to adjust the angle you want while reclining. The tension adjustment feature adjusts the tension while reclining. Swivel, recline and recline tension adjustment features are also included.

You can swivel around to get your things while you are relaxing on the chair. Just make sure that the power cord is detached from the plug before swiveling.

Standing on a strong circular base, the chair doesn’t move unnecessarily giving you the much-required peace while resting. Relaxzen Markets targeted consumer products designed to improve and enhance the lives in a variety of applications.

As the name implies, they put the “comfort” into daily life becoming the best recliner chair for back pain.


Best Recliner For Lower Back Pain:

#5. Best Selling Davis Fabric Recliner

Heading to the number 5th spot in our list of best living room chair for back pain, we have Davis Fabric Recliner from Best Selling.

Housing two comfortable looking broad armrests, you can just pounce on this recliner after a hectic day. The wide seat pan comfortably accommodates your buttocks giving enough leg area while sitting.

Featuring a solid frame, the recliner is great for reading, power naps, watching television as well.

The uniform foam filled high back gives a suitable angle to lay back. Coming in Beige and Grey color, the chair will look equally impressive during both day and night.

Surprisingly, you get a folding foot rest down there completing your sleeping angle while sitting.

The designers have taken care that your lumbar area is in constant support while reclining with the wide armrests supporting your hands.

The overall upholstery is unmatched and uniform such that no inner part of the recliner can be seen. All you need to do is just extend the footrest, take a sip of water and recline back until your body rejuvenates completely.

The base consists of 4 rigid feet that hold this 65-pound relief-giver. This is some chair competing for the place of the best home chair for lower back pain.

This comfortable reclining chair is great for small spaces and functions as a great place to take a nap or read a book.


Best Home Massage Chair for Back Pain:

#6. BestMassage Shiatsu

Resembling a robotic look, the next chair is a shiatsu massage chair by BestMassage.

With the huge amount of foam filled uniformly inside the chair, this is the best chair for bad back offering comfort to every back muscle and supporting your spine as well.

The seat pan is deep and comfortable for those facing coccyx pains. It looks very cozy and has a modern design coming in 3 color options: Black, Burgundy, and Brown.

Heat Intelligent roller system holds 30 inbuilt airbags that target entire back, calves, shoulders and neck region. The armrests are padded for extra relief, and Ultra-long range massage reaches high up in the neck and low down into the tailbone section.

A total of 20 Airbags are located in the lower body of the chair to provide massage for the legs, thighs, and feet ensures that your lower body replenishes at the same time.

The dual layered foam massages your back while keeping the back in shape. This high built chair weighs 185 pounds and holds weight up to 250 pounds.

The chair is completely automatic coming with several massaging functions like: kneading, shiatsu, power rollers, compression, and percussion reducing fatigue and rejuvenating mind and body.

With its power rollers, it can perform shiatsu which is effective in loosening tight muscles and re-energizing the body. It targets the neck area which can feel satisfying.

Massage heads are designed to target stress relieving “tsubo points” on your neck. The leg rest alone has a total of 20 airbags, and the seat comes with vibration motors.

The reason why I highly recommend this model is that it has a very high rating at 4.5 stars and a lot of positive customer feedback. Aside from its affordability, it also comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

If you have been looking to have your full-body massager without breaking the bank, you should seriously go for one of the best living room chairs for back pain brought by BestMassage brand.


#7. Herman Miller SAYL

Taking three years of detailed research and development, the designers have covered all the aspects that make it stand at the pole position in the list.

Known for its durability, comfort, and promise, the 7th spot is grabbed by none other than Herman Miller that introduces different looking Sayl in this list.

For the sole purpose of carrying and distributing the load, the design is inspired by the Golden Gate Suspension Bridge. Factors like Arc Span and Y-Tower participate in the making of this beautiful looking chair.

Made of suspension fabric, the Arc Span anchors the back maintaining its shape while keeping your back cool. At the back, we have the wide Y-tower which is made of plastic and keeps your back vertical.

Available in different colors, you get enough options to get a suitable one of your choice. The various colors can be found applied on the seat pan and the backrest.

The waterfall seat pan is firm, giving longer period sitting comfort. Claiming to be the best living room chair for back pain, the backrest can be locked in place or moved freely supporting lower back region.

The armrest can be twisted inwards and outwards, up and down and back and forth giving several options for resting your arms. Height can be adjusted by using the paddle at the right side.

One more interesting fact includes the fewer materials used in the making, allowing it to be packaged in small cartons during delivery. The chair stands on the five hooded plastic stokes weighing 44 pounds while getting delivered.

The knob at the side helps to increase and decrease the tilt tension. Turning it clockwise increases the tension while anticlockwise direction decreases it.

Features like dual caster wheels and swivelling add some fun into your routine making your mobility easier.

Sayl is one such great chair that you can spend your evening time swinging aimlessly to cure your bad back.


#8. Comfort Products 60-5800T

The list of moves forward to 8th introducing the leather padding chair by Comfort Products.

Since 1919, Comfort Products have excelled in the field of furniture making creating some of the best chairs for back pain.

The upholstery is bonded with black leather which includes the padded chrome armrests, back and dense seat pan.

Backed by a dense seat pan, the weight capacity of the chair is 350 lbs. The back is densely cushioned and keeps your back upright for long hour sitting comfort.

Get some extra space for your legs with the waterfall seat pan which provides buttock comfort as well. 

The lumbar support helps in eradicating lower back pains where you can turn 360 degree with the help of swiveling feature.

I would like to reveal its pneumatic adjustments where you can increase its height even for the people taller than 6 feet.

When assembled, this rigid chair weighs 54 pounds giving stability to the user while seated. The curvy armrests are made up of chrome and padded with thick leather.

You can have a leisurely power nap session while resting your hands on the arm rests. These arm rests are attached to the seat pan and are not adjustable.

They are fixed appropriately such that they can enter under any desk height without creating a gap between the desk and the user.

Provision of neck rest eases your power nap and the lever helps in settings such as height adjustment, tilt tension and locking the swiveling motion.

The 5 hooded bases made up of chrome metal combines with dual caster wheels resulting in smooth motion. You can rotate 360 degree while grabbing the nearby stuff easily.

The brand comfort products maintain its standard delivering a 54 pound workforce with a weight capacity of 350 lbs giving peaceful nine hour sitting satisfaction.


#9. Flash Furniture Mid Back

Flash Furniture earns the 9th spot in this list of best living room chair for back pain. The ergonomic design of chair makes it suitable for office use as well at homes.

The black color mesh is thickly padded at the back helps you to maintain right posture from mid to upper back region.

The mesh material is breathable and flexible so that you can bend your back at different angles.

The 2.5-inch padded nylon base is made of polyurethane and has a weight capacity of 200 pounds and the chair weighs 20-pound chair featuring adjustments like height, tilt back that rise up to 42.25 inches high. This is done by hydraulic seat adjustment.

Your thigh muscle remains under pressure as the waterfall seat ensures continuous blood circulation. Being one of the best armchairs for back pain, you can have small power nap resting those hands on the foam filled armrests.

The chair can be adjusted according to your need thus, raising your working ability. The operational lumbar support removes the extra stress from the upper body deleting lower back pains.

There are 11 different color options for you that gives you enough options to select at an under budget price.

The 5 hooded dual caster wheels adds motion to your routine and a stylish stroke is added by the chrome plating at the base which helps you to move around the office.

Now you can easily use your workplace by swiveling while sitting and transport the important documents without standing.

The chair is an exceptional addition to your living room coming with mesh back, padded armrests; it is the best living room chair for back pain.


At the 10th spot we have Serta Executive Chair by Serta. It is one of the best high back office chairs, where there are different layered pillows on the back along with the multi-layered seat pan.

This heavy duty workforce weighs 35 pounds with swiveling motion helps you with 360-degree rotation. Now you can easily submit your files while sitting on the chairs as the chair can bear weight up to 250 lbs.

This chair features a headrest which provides a soft reclining experience to your head. The waterfall seat edge reduces pressure on the back of the legs and provides working focus. It also increases your blood circulation.

Your lower back receives an exceptional support due to the multi-layer contoured lumbar and power nap is added with comfy armrests that hold your arms in position giving a relaxed napping posture.

The dual-caster wheel at the base gives an agile movement in the office area making your journey over shorter distances smoother.

Available in Beige and Gray color, the executive office chair is upholstered in soft and durable Light microfiber promoting air circulation.

Serta has all the easy controls to make it simpler for ergonomic height adjustments. You can now easily touch your feet to the ground while sitting with the help of a height adjustment lever at the right.

The pneumatic gas lift adjusts the seat height when the lever is simply flicked. The reclining mechanism is unlocked when the same handle is pulled and you can comfortably lean back.

By turning of the tension knob on the bottom, you can adjust the reclining angle of the chair. The tilt back helps you to stretch your body in free time which opens those stiff muscles.

After a tiring typing session, the sturdy armrest supports your hands letting them relax.

All these features make it one of the best home chairs for lower back pains and perfect for your office area, gaming room and balconies of your gaming rooms.


Conclusion for Best Living Room Chair

Choose from an Array of Living Room Furniture & Add Style to Your Space for Less. Living room furniture shopping has never been so easy.

Browse this huge selection of best living room chair for back pain, and you will find one of your kind.

Be it a recliner, sofa, or a massage chair you get quality living room chairs at guaranteed prices.

Every chair is all about convenience, quality, choice and value. I make it easy for you to get the best living room chair for back pain at the lowest possible price.

So, save some money by selecting the one from the list and thank me when you get recharged after a tiring working day.

Thank You! Have a Good Day…

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