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10 Interesting Things to Do With That “Extra Room”

Whether you live alone, had a child just move out, or simply have a house that seems too big, chances are you have an extra room you are not sure what to do with. Maybe turn it to a guest room? Perhaps a storage room? The only issue with those […]

Whether you live alone, had a child just move out, or simply have a house that seems too big, chances are you have an extra room you are not sure what to do with. Maybe turn it to a guest room? Perhaps a storage room? The only issue with those options is the fact that you will end up only seldom using the room, let alone go inside. If it won’t serve as someone’s bedroom, why not have a little fun with it to match your interests and lifestyle? Here are some ideas that might pique your interest:

1. Home Gym/Dance Studio – This is a favorite among homeowners who don’t want to pay for monthly gym membership. With the money you will save in gym fees, you can probably afford some decent equipment like weights, a bench, and maybe a multipurpose exercise machine. A stereo system could blast your pump-up music while you work out in the comfort of your own home. You also won’t have to worry about “sweaty seat” issues when using the next machine.

2. Home Office – Do you work from home? Or just like having a physical place to have your desktop and wireless router. Here you can take care of all things business, especially if this becomes your satellite office away from your main one.

3. Game Room – Who didn’t want to bring the arcade home with them as a kid? Part man cave and part childhood dream, you can have your friends over for some drinks, food, and fun with foosball, pool, video games, darts, or whatever tickles your fancy. This is a purely socializing room, so be sure to outfit it with comfortable chairs, a couch, and maybe a mini fridge to hold drinks for you and your guests.

display room
4. Display/Trophy Room – Have you had a successful life and have a lot to show for it? Maybe you would like to remember someone close to you who passed? Whatever you choose to feature in your display room, you can cover your walls in memories and memorabilia if you so choose. Picture frames, trophies, or someone’s “firsts” could adorn the room and provide anyone stepping in with an instant feeling of remembrance.

5. Music Room – Do you absolutely love music? Maybe playing or singing in the living room hasn’t quite worked out for you because of the noise level, but lining the room with sound boards and bringing in some equipment should allow you to have regular jam sessions without disturbing your neighbors too much. If you are looking to record, maybe this room could become your very own recording studio with a small sound booth. Surely an aspiring DJ could use some room to practice his craft.

6. Meditation Room – This is if relaxation and contemplation are big in your life and you just need a place of solitude to be one with yourself and get your Zen on. Install a pad for stretching and sitting for pilates or even a Japanese Zen garden to sit. A stereo system could play soothing sounds as you lose yourself in deep thought and emerge better than when you started.

7. Home Theater – It may not be as extensive as that of a movie star, but a big screen TV or projector, surround sound, and a really comfy chair can make all the difference in your movie viewing experience. Installing good window shades can make the room dark enough for optimum viewing quality, and you can build your own snack bar in the back of the room to house your favorite treats for any flick.

kids playroom
8. Kid’s Playroom – If you have young children at the house often (whether you have your own kids, family over, or run a home daycare center), a playroom for the kids can ensure that they are safe and carefully watched while having fun. Keep all of their toys together in one place instead of all over the house, and be only steps away should you need to go to another part of the house for a moment.

9. Reading Room – Ever wanted your own personal library like Belle in Beauty and the Beast? Fill that extra room with all of your books on shelves for easy access complete with a big comfy chair or two to curl up with a good book. A good lamp with energy-efficient bulbs are also important for actual reading at night as is letting in the light during the daytime hours.

10. Room Extension – Not really into making the room into something else? Why not add the space to another room? Knock down a wall to open up an adjoining room to expand it’s space. You can never have too much room, so don’t let this empty one go to waste!

These are just some of the many popular ideas that are highly personalized and go beyond the standard, and typically unused, guest or storage room. You may choose something entirely different depending on your tastes, but whatever you choose, make sure you are able to somewhat reverse it should you ever decide to sell the house. Just because you liked it doesn’t necessarily mean the next owner will, and they must be able to see themselves in the home.

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