100 Gorgeous French Doors to Open Up Your Space (WITH PICTURES)

Design your home to make a lasting first impression with the use of charming French doors. These doors are found in homes on both an exterior or interior level. Whether French doors are in the original architectural design or you are repurposing your current doors or windows, you will find […]

Design your home to make a lasting first impression with the use of charming French doors. These doors are found in homes on both an exterior or interior level. Whether French doors are in the original architectural design or you are repurposing your current doors or windows, you will find the addition of French doors to serve many delightful purposes for your home. French doors come in an array of styles. You will find stained wood options and painted distressed wood styles. Metal structures and doors are also available in most locations. The style of the doors holds an option of windows and placement. Door styles intricately hold numerous options. Some doors are made of all glass where as others have a smaller window design. The choice of design is determined by the style of the home and the purpose of the doors.

You may have a need to bridge inside décor with outdoor splendor, or the home may utilize French doors as the entrance to the house. The level of privacy needed will be a deciding factor when choosing glass windows inset within the doors. You can opt for stained glass, clear glass or frosted cuts that also serve as a decorative accent. There are multiple framing options to encase your French doors with the style you are seeking. Elaborate designs and daintier frames are found in subtle and luxurious looks. In our photos below, you will find some examples of intertwined styles that will fit your desired home appeal.

The right door can add a charm of its own to any room.

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Image: HomeStory

These gorgeous red oak French doors definitely give this billiard room an old world charm, especially when combined with a classic, turn of the century, white borders. As we see here, a French door can do much to keep your room from feeling claustrophobic while helping to piece your home together. Stately window panels are set in an enriched wooden finish. Doors and windows open up the space offering a luxurious view of the homes surroundings. The right door can add a charm of its own to any room.


Using French doors for a home that faces the ocean allow the owners to get a better glimpse of the outdoor beauty.

Extend your room to a deck with a view using French doors. The doors hold a wider span to offer an open and airy feel. The doors are white with clean lines and lead to a relaxing afternoon.

Image Source: Cottage Company Interiors


A sleek French door style leads the home to a beautiful outdoor setting. The opted glass panels open up the design creating a genuine design.

Image Source: Rock Paper Hammer

Open up any space with a beautiful door

Image: Berezowski & Asociados

Traditional in style and design, these cherry French doors offer a grandeur appeal to each room. The designer has framed the doors with additional wide panels and multiple glass panes.


A city style design has French doors that open up to a bricked patio. The door’s style is simple yet chic and offers a cozy feeling to the room. A clever horizontal shade offers privacy as needed.

Image Source: Ben Herzog


An elegant deep wood finish is complemented by a contrasting stark white frame. The wide set style lends a grand entrance into this fine home.

Image Source: Milgard
Tradition for the modern family

Tradition for the modern family

Image: TruStile Doors

Classic elegance is apparent with these nostalgically styled French doors. The glass panes and panels adorn the doors while creating the perfect separation of rooms.


A trendy white garden style French door set is chicly styled alongside matching windows that make the space a delightful entrance to a personalized patio.

Image Source: Crisp Architects


The private patio holds a charming entrance with a simply charming French door design. The moulding that surrounds the door adds a decorative accent to the style.

Image Source: Rikki Snyder
The right door can say a lot about your space

The right door can say a lot about your space

Image: Hammer and Nail

Sliding French doors have a wooden finish and shapely window panels that offer a unique and stylish look. The flush panels create a luxe vintage design.

French doors can pull double duty, with class

French doors can pull double duty, with class

Image: Euroline Steel Windows & Doors

An elegant trio has a seamless black framing that sets the tone for the room. Natural lighting and a refreshing view brings a sense of glamour to the style.

Open up any space with a French door

Open up any space with a French door

Image: Ply Gem Windows

In this modern traditional home, we see favored rich wood French doors. The doors have intricate panes of glass that maintains a classic style.


Image Source: BAR Architects

White French doors are charming with a mountain view. The doors are formal with a casual tone allowing for a dynamic addition to the rooms style.



Image Source: Deirdre Doherty Interiors

Dual French doors are an enchanting style for your bathroom space. The doors lead to a personal patio while adding touch of couture to a chic design.


A French door for a very open space

A French door for a very open space

Image: Alside

A luxurious window setting surrounds a delightful set of French doors leading to a brilliant design that is lovely for any home.

With great doors comes great character

With great doors comes great character

Image: Marvin Windows and Doors

The gentle curves of this French door do so much to add character and charm to this delightful room while allowing plenty of natural light to filter in.



This French door design displays functionality and style. The window treatment adds an air of elegance while contributing to the room’s decor. Natural lighting and a neutral palate bring a refreshed appeal.

Image Source: Infinity Windows


Image Source: Sarah Barnard Design

A wide set French door design opens the room into an uplifting style with a pool side view. The large framed windows add a sense of transparency alongside a peaceful retreat.


The right French doors can provide a gateway to fun.

The right French doors can provide a gateway to fun.

Image: Nautilus Architects

A grand room is accentuated with a trio of neutral French doors that are light and airy in style. The modern and traditional inspiration is well designed.


Image Source: Symmetry Architects

This clever style offers continuity of an enclosed porch through the home. An inviting and grand entrance will leave your style both charmed and refreshed.


A good door can sometimes be more important than furniture

A good door can sometimes be more important than furniture

Image: Thomas Thaddeus Truett Architect

A clever and inspired way to put charm into a design is the multiple doors shown here. The white doors offer the entry and exited paths to the room with a graceful style.



Surrounding white doors are beautifully set with warm yet cheerful tones of tangerine orange and deeper palates. The retro vintage appeal is most inviting.

Image Source: Cooper Johnson Smith Architects and Town Planners
French doors can provide the right atmosphere for any setting

French doors can provide the right atmosphere for any setting

Image: Paul Moon Design

An entry to the patio accentuates the extension from within the home. Gorgeous white doors with glass panes wind the side of the home for a lavish style.


The intricate path within the rooms of this home are classically Victorian. The enriched setting is elaborate with an array of options.

Image Source: Historical Concepts
French doors can add even more charm to an already comfortable room

French doors can add even more charm to an already comfortable room

Image: Dunlap Design Group, LLC

Traditional french doors hold a view of the backyard with classic glass panes and a creme tone. The room is well balanced with a designer intention in prints and patterns.


Grand views are expressed in this illustrative image. The wall side doors are elegant with a retro and contemporary styled room.

Image Source: M.S. Architecture
The right door can give your home its own identity

The right door can give your home its own identity

Image: Feldman Architecture

The personality of a room largely depends on the contributions within its stylish surroundings. These french doors are a cherished way to a thoughtful display.


Brick pillars and sleek white doors are a collaborating style that finesses the side entry way to this home. The seating area is a perfect touch to accent the patio.

Image Source: Pella Windows and Doors


Pretty with traditional values holds these white french doors with a classic cue. Enriched tones are complimentary to the style for a genuine look.

Image Source: Urrutia Design
A French door can be a real powerhouse in your decor

A French door can be a real powerhouse in your decor

Image: Marvin Windows and Doors

A beautiful wooden finish holds solid glass views and a classic design. The living room is warm with slated tones and golden touches.


Patio doors are dressed in a stark white finish and a traditional perspective. The beautiful patio set is melodically enhanced with the matching french door design.

Image Source: Kathleen Burke Design
An instant sun room? Look no further.

An instant sun room? Look no further.

Image: Duo Dickinson

The room of french doors are exquisite with charm and character. Views from all sides are a graceful addition to the rooms appeal.


A clever design, are these sliding french doors. The widened frame allows for plenty of space and light to enter an airy design.

Image Source: Gast Architects


The rich wooden finish and creme elegance is paired together for a complimenting contrast. The room is traditional with vintage notes allowing for a subtle yet genuine design.

Image Source: Bernard Andre Photography


A vintage bathroom space is inspired with couture cues and a refreshing style. The creme and white hues are a lavish look for a modern day bathroom.

Image Source: Landmark Builders

We have seen many inspiring styles that demonstrate a French door’s contribution to style. An adaptable design is functional and elegantly showcases the room. A grand entrance into any space creates a paragon of effects leading to an inviting style. The sense of the room is encouraged with decorative accents throughout the design and a delightful well-proportioned French door and framing ensemble.

The style you choose will collaborate a harmonious style in the home and create a bridge for the interior and exterior spaces. There are many wood finishes and paint options to create a bold statement or seamless look. You will opt for window panes and panels or an open modern layout to bring out the homes stylish design. Whether your French doors lead to a chic outdoor veranda or a clever passage to the next room, you will find they add a touch of charm in a tone of elegance to your next home design endeavor. We will journey on through our brilliant guide of french door inspirations. You will notice the integrity that a french door adds to each rooms style.

Image: Renewal by Andersen

White french doors are a classic style. The side windows are graciously set with a draped creme curtain that adds just the right amount of flair to the room.

Image: Indulgy

Creative tri- folding doors are inspired in a country and vintage perception. The space leads to a patio that is just as charming as the french doors shown here.

Image: Architectural Digest

A touch of luxe is added when you incorporate black french doors with a clear view of the back yard. The kitchen is graceful with reflective designs.

Image: Agourasashanddoor2

The charming gray french doors in this home accentuate the country and traditional tone of the design. The covered porch is a beautiful setting to enjoy your afternoon.

Image: Instagram

French doors can adjoin the interior of the home with an outdoor sitting area. The use of these doors will create an invitation without fully closing the door on the experience.

Image: Homedit

A second look at these french doors allow us to focus on the openness they create within the home. A lovely Sunday brunch will be the charming day you have aspired.

Image: Foter

Sliding white french doors are styled with floor to ceiling book shelves that are delightfully full of poetic designs and a thoughtful approach.

Image: Interior Barn Doors

Barn style rods hold french doors collaborating a whole new look. The appeal is the perfect touch to update your home in a classic style.

Image: Adegadoalbertino

Get out of the rain through these traditional french doors. The size of the doors are reminiscent of the Victorian era where side spaces and back stairways were slimmer than the main entry ways in the home.

Image: Blog Lovin

country and chic we see a white set of french doors that lead to a charming dining area. The option to dine inside or out holds a fresh concept for your design.

Image: House Beautiful

A bedroom with french doors are romantic and dreamy. The white doors add a light and airy thought to the space that is inspired with the rooms theme.

Image: Centsational Girl

This door resembles the style of a french door. The window panes in the door is a great idea for a laundry room design. The modernly traditional look is appealing and refined.

Image: Liz Marie Blog

Creme drapes are long and lavish with french doors set in the center. The dramatic look is seamless with an elegant approach that are sure to inspire.

Image: Nimvo

A kitchen holds a fresh breeze with french doors at the end of the room. The cozy design is refreshing and full of natural light for a stylish concept.

Image: Decorpad

This luxurious space has billowing drapes that are white while framing the sleek trio of  french doors. A refined design is charmed with couture styles.

Image: Plus Rooms

Three sets of black french doors are modern with a thin framing for a genuine appeal. The cozy design is inviting alongside an outdoor patio.

Image: White and Faded

Chic and vintage lighting comes from both a dawning chandelier and natural streaming of the sun through the elegant french door design.

Image: Domestic Imperfection

This gorgeous path way is full of character as french doors create a lasting impression for the entry of the home. The gorgeous setting is perfect for your design.

Image: Its Overflowing

Completely chic outdoor dining is set in a fairy tale. The french doors brings you from inside to out with a magical step. You will enjoy your days and evenings with your updated design.

Image: My Sweet Savannah Blog

In truth of southern porches, they are exquisite and large creating a genuine opportunity to ass several sets offrench doors into your home.

Image: Apartment Ther

A beautiful way to express natural beauty is with indoor garden touches. The french doors lead you to a patio that is an extension of your home.

Image: Home Bunch

Lake side views are gorgeous through the musings of french doors and surrounding windows. The elegant design is charming and traditional.

Image: Home Izy

Open concepts are timeless with clean lines and a seamless design. The french doors branch the luxe space to an elaborate patio.

Image: My Design Dump

A beautiful display holds a Tuscan touch. The villa inspired design has french doors that lead out to a cozy appeal with rich tones and detailed expressions.

Image: My Window Replacement

Another look at this french door design allows us to expand our focus to the rooms surrounding. A clean design with classy white carpeting outs the finishing touches to the space.

Image: Stop and Ring My Bell

An arched window design over a classy set of french doors make for an exquisite style. The poolside view is beautifully set in a comfortable lounging area.

Image: Wanted

We love how this entry is graced with open beams, lanterns and a trio of french doors for a gorgeous way to invite your guests inside.

Image: Style Carrot

A soft blue hue paves the way for the extraordinary design of a white surrounding. French doors in the bedroom add a nostalgic essence with a fine detail for style.

Image: Wickes

The patio in a city is full of friendly sounds that only your neighborhood can create. French doors are a genuine expression of the wisened days of a sleek city life.

Image: Decoracion

This generous entrance holds several french doors for an inviting appeal. The rich woods is complementary to the stoned surrounding for a level of depth in the design.

Image: Zsazabellagio

These cleverly sleek white french doors are a lavish style. The eye for design takes a chic approach to the room with white details an softly guided hues.

Image: Minosa Design

This brightly lit kitchen is emphasized with charming french doors. A step out in the fresh air is only a moment away while your making your favorite family recipe.

Image: Desembola

A Victorian and rustic styled home is sure to have a set of original wooden french doors. These doors are a victorious impression reminiscent of fire side evenings and tea in the afternoon.

Image: Sterling Build

French doors are brilliantly styled under tinted sky lights. The complete view offers a scenic design. The windows adjoined with the french doors are thoughtful and trendy.

Image: Summer Adams

A cozy setting is a great way to unwind. The french doors bring you from delicious dining to a relaxing patio where you can spend your afternoons or evenings.

Image: Facebook

Gray tones are neutral yet warm and inviting. These french doors are the perfect way to open a side entrance with a garden pathway leading to your home.

Image: The Slee Family

This modern styled french door has an open concept which immediately upgrades your home with a lavish touch. The intriguing design is a definite fashionable statement.

Image: The Inspired Room

Cozy seating and classic views are charming with a french door patio entry. The gracious appeal is a visionary concept that will enhance your own style.

Image: Art by Nessa

A culinary dream is inspiring in this open and gorgeous kitchen. The sterling surroundings offer a glamorous way to share any meal of the day. Three sets of black french doors elaborate the space with patio accessibility and a fresh scenery.

Image: Pin IMG

These french doors are entranced with a comfortable style of  patterns and tones. The white french doors lead to a cozy corner of the house that is perfect for good reads or a delightful conversation.

Image: Clark and co Homes

These widened french door designs are set in a black finish. The generous view adds to the style of the home while collaborating the room together for a polished design.

Image: Uber Doors

The lovely kitchen opens into a wonderful patio. The sets of french doors are elaborate and add an open concept with a hint of luxurious notes.

Image: Ashley Salzmann

This traditional and modern design has incorporated french doors with a deep finish for a dramatic effect that frames the brilliant scene of lush greens and a lakeside view.

Anna Evans exterior makeover. french doors added to back to bring in more light

Image: Southern Living

Outdoor dining has become an extension of our home. The elegant setting is enhanced with the use of french doors that are inviting with a sense of charm.

Image: Remodelista

A beautiful way to style your living room is with a fashionable wide set of french doors. The wall sized doors create an ambience of a fresh breeze and a beach house appeal.

Image: West Farm Windows

Country chic are displayed with traditionally design creme french doors that lead to a refreshing patio. The entrance bridges the interior and exterior of the home for a grand appeal.

Image: Modern Country Style

French doors come in many styles. This particular design holds a larger window set that is elegantly stated offering a country yet modern effect for the home.

Image: AJC

Black bi-fold french doors are surrounded by matching windows to offer a gracious way to to enter a charming sun room that is fitting for any occasion.

Image: Magiel

The blending of rustic cues and a modern appeal have become a timeless design. The inspired wooden table is complemented with a set of black french doors that incorporate the room with style.

Image: Architecture Art Designs

A traditional and classic styled room uses french doors to grace the home with an outdoor expression. The surrounding becomes an integral part of the design for a beautiful setting.

Image: Telegraph

Vintage and chic offer a cozy display. The french doors let out from the sitting room to an extravagant gaden patio that is designed to inspire.

Image: Dz Home

A trio of french doors open up the possibilities to this country modern home. The use of more than one door offers a brilliant upgrade that bring an enriched touch to the home.

Image: Brett V Design

Classically styled rustic french doors for the interior of the home have a magical way to enhance any room. The concept is designed for a well stated style that is inviting and fashionable.

Image: Sylvie

An at home office is created with a high fashioned aspiration. The simplicity of the style and a set of french doors for a scenic balcony is the key to achieving this defined space.

Image: Casa Sugar

Dimensional wooden flooring complements the mideviel inspired chandelier. French doors let the natural light inside along with a fresh summer breeze.

Image: Rlmmo

French doors invite you to dinner in this traditional and modern style. The timeless appeals have generous hues and a classic us of furnishings.

Image: Lucy Williams Interiors

A red bricked patio presents a beautiful view of the home through a side of windows and matching french doors. The pristine landscaping puts the final touches to this elaborate design.

Image: HGTV

This charming home is set with a slated blue and sleek white fashions. Dual french doors have long drapes that accentuate the classy vision of the room.

Image: Coastal Living

Windows and french doors create a gorgeous view. The subtle note of color and fresh applications brilliantly refresh the home with an off shore vibration.

Image: Burnham Design

This look is reminiscent of past thoughts and collaborated with modern promises of style. French doors line the wall while offering the room a dreamy design.

Image: The Wood Grain Cottage

A bedroom with a bed side fireplace must have eloquent french doors in the room. The whimsical cottage appeal is enchanting and ever chic.

Image: Rollcomm

This vintage home is paired with Victorian touches. The grand lighting designs accentuate the original wooden french doors that are elegant entrance to a grand room.

Image: The Riverside Realty Group

Bookend french doors are alongside a stone fireplace. Modern furnishings are well paired and complemented by gracious accents.

Image: Natural Home Design

Arched wooden french doors are traditional with a charismatic patio view. The Light and airy design is the perfect setting for this traditional home.

Image: Bizhomep

This soft appeal is fresh with clean lines and a timeless charm that is allocated with chic french doors. The all white inspiration is a classic design.

We have toured through dreamy home fashions that incorporate the fine style of wooden french doors. You can add one or several sets of doors into your space for a gorgeous and classic appeal. The perception of each set is used as an entryway. Whether your invitational style has an interior or exterior purpose, you will find the gracious views to become an integral part of the room.  Wide framing and thinner details are both used depending on the overall look you wish to achieve. We have seen how the accents and accessories through the space can enhance your french doors.

Lovely looks and styles can be updated from the original structure as well as a new installation within a current project. Choosing windows in panes or sheets will be up to your discretion. Doors are sold at most home improvement retailers. If you have a design or size you are unable to find, You can customize an order that will be the perfected fit for your home. Quiet family meals or a hosted gathering will be a chic event. French doors can lead you into an adjoined space or a gorgeous patio that will become a stated style that you will enjoy every day. Natural lighting and sunset visions will grace the room with a natural charm. Breezy and open, you will have the look that will inspire the rest of the home with elegance.

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