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17+ Cozy Living Room Paint Colors Ideas for 2019

17+ Cozy Living Room Paint Colors Ideas for 2019 May 30, 2019 3 min read Pastel colors will dominate design trends in 2019. If you plant to redesign the interior, start by planning the living room paint colors. There are many great shades to choose from the new trend, and […]

17+ Cozy Living Room Paint Colors Ideas for 2019

3 min read

living room paint colors

Pastel colors will dominate design trends in 2019. If you plant to redesign the interior, start by planning the living room paint colors. There are many great shades to choose from the new trend, and they create a relaxing tone for any modern homes.

Living Room Paint Color Trends for 2019

Soft colors may dominate the 2019 paint trend. However, you can take a living room paint ideas from various objects, such as plants, metals, or earth elements. Taking cues from actual inspirations will give you additional palettes associated with the main theme.

Here are 17 living room paint colors based on themes:

1.      Clay Tones

Living Room Paint Colors

Clay-colored paint offers a warm, homey atmosphere in any room. Pastel clay is a great “neutral” shade to start. You can add darker brown and camel yellow to create a theme, but without adding too many colors.

2.      Sharp Terracotta

Living Room Paint Colors

If you prefer brighter shades, sharp terracotta may be your option. The deeper brown color is not too dark, perfect to add warmer tone without making the room hard to decorate. Terracotta colors go well with red, cream, and a little streak of green.

3.      Deep Mustard

Living Room Paint Colors

Want to incorporate gold into your living room color schemes, but afraid of looking tacky? Try substituting the gold with deep mustard. This color pops and looks bright, but not too shiny like gold. Deep mustard is great when combined with green, clay colors, or dark grey.

4.      Pantone

Living Room Paint Colors

Pantone is one of living room paint colors that are rising in popularity. A slightly brighter yellow tone than mustard, pantone emits ease, happiness, and positive feeling. Pale pantone is perfect as a neutral background.

5.      Cadet Blue

Living Room Paint Colors

Replacing navy blue as one of the most popular shades, cadet blue may reign among other pale color alternatives. Cadet blue is often called “cadet grey”, because the shade has bluish and grayish qualities. The color has a relaxing effect.

6.      Cornflower Blue

Living Room Paint Colors

Another pale blue shade, this color has a very little green element. It appears almost violet, but still with the bluish element. Cornflower blue is great when paired with darker blue and purple colors. However, you can add streaks of warm colors.

7.      Bottle Green

Living Room Paint Colors

Brings cooler, moodier atmosphere to the room with bottle green shade. Dark green is one of living room paint colors perfect for large space. It adds depth and creates elegance, helping you to “fill” the room without many decorations.

8.      Hunter Green

Living Room Paint Colors

A darker alternative of bottle green, hunter green is suitable if you like darker walls, but cannot go “all the way” with black. The dark color can work well as a background for brighter, lighter furniture items.

9.      Mint Green

Living Room Paint Colors

Unlike hunter or bottle greens, mint green has a paler and more relaxing vibe. This color has become popular for a kitchen because of its refreshing association. Now, you can bring the vibe to the living room by using mint green as a canvas.

10.  Pale Lilac

Living Room Paint Colors

Lilac stays to become popular color in 2019, applied on the hair, nails, and homes. Because pastel living room paint colors are currently popular, pale lilac became a well-known shade to choose. It is soft, feminine, but not too overwhelming.

11.  Grey Lilac

Living Room Paint Colors

Thinking that pale lilac is still too girly? Grey lilac may become an option. It is definitely cool and relaxing, but with more gender-neutral quality.

12.  Creamy Hazelnut

Living Room Paint Colors

Creamy hazelnut has bright, warm, but almost nonexistent brown colors. It is one of living room paint colors that can be used as alternative “white” paint. The neutral tone is perfect to arrange any furniture in front of the walls.

13.  Multiple Blues

Living Room Paint Colors

Blue is considered a relaxing color, but it is also known as “depressing” shade. Combining several blue shades in a room create a relaxing vibe, without creating a depression trigger. The softer shades must dominate the room, since darker blues will make the room oppressive.

14.  Moody Mushrooms

Living Room Paint Colors

The “mushrooms” were popular living room paint colors in the ’70s, which combined rust and dark brown shades. Now, the mushroom colors came back with a vengeance. The lighter version is more popular, thanks to the “moodier” and “more natural” trends adopted at home.

15.  Pewter Shades

Living Room Paint Colors

Pewter has elegant and relaxing grey shade, which is a perfect canvas for any decoration and furniture. To make the room less boring, use the darker pewter as a focal point, while the other walls have lighter shades.

16.  Pastel Pink

Living Room Paint Colors

Bright pink may look childish, but pastel pink still looks elegant and beautiful. If you want to have a feminine vibe without being too girly, use pastel pink as the color scheme. Use the color as background walls, with some streaks of red or strawberry syrup.

17.  Cantaloupe Orange

Living Room Paint Colors

Cantaloupe is a pale orange shade, which goes well with the current pastel trend. Cantaloupe orange is perfect as a background, to be filled with brighter or darker furniture items. They look great with bright red, white, or light green.

These living room paint colors will give you ideas about what you want. Try one of these ideas to blow new life into your living room.

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