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20 Home Gym Ideas for Designing the Ultimate Workout Room

Do you enjoy working out but don’t want to pay for an expensive gym membership? With a little creativity, the right equipment, and some extra space, you can create the perfect gym right in your home! Whether you have an unused attic or a small shed outside, our home gym […]

Do you enjoy working out but don’t want to pay for an expensive gym membership? With a little creativity, the right equipment, and some extra space, you can create the perfect gym right in your home! Whether you have an unused attic or a small shed outside, our home gym layout tips and organization hacks will make it easy to design a fitness room you’ll love!

What Are the Benefits of Having a Home Exercise Room?


If pushing your way through a crowded gym sounds less than appealing, then building a home gym will be a worthwhile project. Along with location convenience, having your own gym at home means you can control cleanliness, choose the music, and spend as much time on the treadmill as you want.


While the initial cost of making a home gym can be high, you’ll save money on a fitness membership in the long run. The average gym membership in the U.S. is around $60 a month, and almost 67% of those memberships are unused. That’s not counting unique fitness options like CrossFit and Pilates, which can be even more expensive. Fortunately, a home gym setup doesn’t have to be pricey! Look for used equipment and accessories for your fitness room that are high quality for a low price.

Home Resale Value

Adding a workout room to your home can up more than your fitness game. It can also increase resale value! Even if a potential buyer doesn’t want to use the space for a home gym, simply having flexible square footage can provide good value for your home.

Home Gym Layout Ideas & Organization Tips

Even the smallest of spaces can be turned into the ultimate home gym. Check out some exercise room design ideas and organizational hacks below!

Turn an Office into a Gym

Home office with stationary bike and treadmills. Photo by Instagram user @chanindevelopment
Photo via @chanindevelopment

Do you only have one flex space or spare room? Combine both a home gym and an office. Keep bulky cardio equipment and office supplies separate by giving each function its own designated area. Avoid clutter by utilizing furniture with hidden storage to keep weights, resistance bands, and yoga mats. Totes are also great for storing office and gym supplies in a shared space because they can easily be stacked against the wall.

Build a Basement Workout Space

Basement with fitness equipment and rubber flooring. Photo by Instagram user @christinetuttledesign
Photo via @christinetuttledesign

Make good use of a basement bonus room by turning it into a bright home gym. Rubber flooring, overhead lighting, and mirrors will help keep the space open and inviting! If you have a bathroom and kitchen in the basement, you can even turn the entire space into a workout suite.

Revamp a Garage

Garage with floor padding and gym equipment. Photo by Instagram user @jenniec43
Photo via @jenniec43

Durable floors, availability of storage space, electrical outlets, and ventilation all make building a home gym in a garage a great idea! A treadmill, elliptical, or stationary bike can easily fit in a garage, and you can even install a stereo system.

Transform an Extra Bedroom

Fitness equipment set up in extra bedroom of home. Photo by Instagram user @bh_interior_ideas
Photo via @bh_interior_ideas

A spare bedroom is an ideal spot for creating a home gym! Extra closets can be used for storage, and repurposed dressers or bookshelves can hold items like balance balls, extra towels, free weights, and much more! Plus, a bedroom will have a door for extra privacy.

Make an Attic Fitness Room

Home fitness center and sauna built into an attic space. Photo by Instagram user @valleycustomhomes
Photo via @valleycustomhomes

An attic or loft space provides plenty of room for a home gym. For comfort and air quality, make sure any exposed insulation is covered by drywall, and add a window air conditioner and fans to keep the space cool. Also, if you plan to use heavy equipment or weights, be sure the floors are properly braced.

Convert a Shed into a Small Gym

Outdoor shed transformed into gym with weightlifting equipment. Photo by Instagram user @panther_apparel
Photo via @panther_apparel

If you can’t free up space in your home, consider putting your gym in a shed. Just add rubber mats to protect the floors, shelving units for storage, and your cardio or weight lifting equipment of choice!

Put Down Rubber Flooring

Rubber floor mats used in home fitness center. Photo by Instagram user @strive4healthandfitness
Photo via @strive4healthandfitness

Protect the floors from damage in your exercise room with rubber mats! This home gym flooring idea is both cheap and easy to install. Not to mention, it helps to reduce the noise of running on a treadmill or setting down heavy weights.

Give Your Workout Room Some Color

Home fitness room with bright yellow accent wall. Photo by Instagram user @thisgirlcanambassador
Photo via @thisgirlcanambassador

Your exercise room doesn’t have to be drab! Keep it bright and uplifting with exciting paint colors and funky wall designs. Or give your workout space extra flair with scenic wallpaper to give the feel of biking in the great outdoors.

Stay Motivated with Decor

Fitness room in home decked out with Drake University wall decor. Photo by Instagram user @jamieschachteldesign
Photo via @jamieschachteldesign

Not sure what to do with your old sports medals? Use them as wall decor! Old jerseys, posters, and ribbons are great for brightening up your workout space and giving you that competitive edge to stay focused. Invest in inspirational wall decals to give you that extra kick of motivation during your reps.

Get Creative with Equipment

Home gym in garage with climbing wall and weight equipment. Photo by Instagram user @homegymaccess
Photo via @homegymaccess

Switch out traditional cardio equipment like a treadmill, elliptical, or stationary bike to something fun! Add items like a climbing wall, row machine, or speed bag to your home gym to make it stand out.

Invest in a TV

Home fitness room with weights, rowing machine, and TV. Photo by Instagram user @ajestudio
Photo via @ajestudio

Whether you want to follow a workout DVD or watch your favorite shows while walking on the treadmill, a TV will make sure you stay entertained in your workout space.

Put in a Sound System

Home gym with flat screen TV and sound system in ceiling. Photo by Instagram user @dave_caplan_realtor
Photo via @dave_caplan_realtor

A sound system in your workout room is a must! Install speakers in the top corners of your spare room home gym, or opt for a bluetooth speaker for a more portable, affordable option. Hands-free devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home are also great options for changing playlists without having to get off the treadmill!

Use a Chalkboard Wall for Focus

Home gym with a chalkboard wall. Photo by Instagram user @homegymideas
Photo via @homegymideas

Stay motivated and organized with a chalkboard wall. This wall decor idea is an easy way to keep track of reps, routines, and fitness goals, as well as changing up your daily workout mantra and inspiration!

Incorporate Shelving Units

Fitness room with weights on shelves. Photo by Instagram user @corp.chimp
Photo via @corp.chimp

Keep loose items like free weights, jump ropes, kettle bells, and yoga mats organized and off the floor with shelving units. Floating shelves, bookshelves, or wire storage units are all ideal for exercise rooms of all sizes.

Store Equipment with a Pegboard

DIY pegboard for gym equipment. Photo by Instagram user @pptchicago
Photo via @pptchicago

Putting a pegboard in your home gym is a creative way to store rolled up yoga mats, extra resistance bands, jump ropes, foam rollers, headphones, and more!

Utilize Vertical Storage

Barbell weights and benches hung from wall in gym. Photo by Instagram user @bullcitystrong
Photo via @bullcitystrong

Worried about storage in your small home gym? Keep it clutter-free with wall storage! Mount items like weight benches, weight plates, and mats on the walls to save up precious floor space. Feeling crafty? We love this DIY weight bar storage hack!

Use a Coat Rack for Exercise Bands

Coat rack with weight belts, resistance bands in home fitness room. Photo by Instagram user @frodet_
Photo via @frodet_

With a repurposed, wall-mounted coat rack, you can store items like resistance bands, jump ropes, and sweatbands all while keeping your home gym organized!

Add a Ceiling Fan

Home fitness room with bike and weights. Photo by Instagram user @queen2bee68
Photo via @queen2bee68

A ceiling fan is an inexpensive way to keep your fitness room cool without having to run the AC at full blast. Wall fans, standing fans, and rotating fans are also ideal if you’re trying to stay cool in your workout room.

Repurpose a Bar Cart

Home fitness room with bar cart repurposed for equipment storage. Photo by Instagram user @motheronthego_
Photo via @motheronthego_

Switch out the liquor bottles for water bottles with a repurposed bar cart. This handy cart is ideal for small home gyms because it can easily be moved around, and you can store cleaning wipes, lifting gloves, free weights, yoga blocks, and much more!

Install Mirrors

Three mirrors on wall in home fitness room. Photo by Instagram user @cara_lanelle
Photo via @cara_lanelle

Not only do mirrors keep you motivated, but they also make a small space seem larger. You can either install several smaller mirrors on the wall of your home gym or use a large floor mirror to expand the space.

Building a home gym doesn’t have to be expensive or involve a lot of construction. Whether you’re looking to create a zen space for a yoga studio or sweat it out to Beyoncé on a stationary bike, there are tons of fun ideas for creating a workout space that will keep you fit and motivated! Looking for other spare room designs? Check out these ideas for creating your dream home office!

Get Motivated with Home Gym Ideas

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