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47 Extraordinary Basement Home Gym Design Ideas | Home Remodeling Contractors

Workout Room Equipment With the previous considerations in mind, the next step would be to purchase the equipment that best suits your needs and fit into the allocated space. Chances are, your training is either based on cardiovascular fitness or strength training. When you are certain about your workout purpose […]

Workout Room Equipment

With the previous considerations in mind, the next step would be to purchase the equipment that best suits your needs and fit into the allocated space.

Chances are, your training is either based on cardiovascular fitness or strength training. When you are certain about your workout purpose and desired outcomes, here is a recommended range of equipment you can choose from in designing home gym layouts.

Cardio Fitness Home Gym Equipment:

Essentially, these are activities that facilitate blood circulation; working the heart and lungs which increases oxygen levels in the blood. These activities are also essential in maintaining general health wellness; cutting fat while bulking up.

  • Treadmills: Popular choice for burning more calories than other cardio equipment. However, it would be advisable for one to take the jogging outdoors if the terrain and environment facilitate it.  Here’s a link from A Sweat Life for just one of their treadmill workouts.
  • Cross Trainers: Involves working both the upper and lower body, involving a lot of muscle movement. They are considered most effective for whole body training.
  • Lifecycle/Stationary Bikes: Provides a gentle form of cardio activity improving muscular flexibility and easing back pains.
  • Rowers: Particularly effective for endurance training; increasing heart function. Has minimal strain on back and joints therefore suitable for older trainers.
  • Stair Steppers: Intense cardiovascular workout equipment that majorly focuses on lower body muscles. Not only improves muscular strength but also prompts more balance and stability.

Strength Training Home Gym Equipment:

These are activities designed to induce muscular contraction by the use of resistance; improving anaerobic endurance as well as increasing skeletal muscle size.

  • Free Weights: Demand more coordination and control which could be quite challenging but strengthens large muscle groups simultaneously. Includes barbells and dumbbells.
  • Medical/Stability Balls: Ideal for relieving lower back pains and for expectant women.
  • Resistance Machines: Uses stacks of weight for resistance. Focuses on particular muscle groups at a time.
  • Resistance Bands: Giant springs or bands that provide resistance when stretched. Are well portable but are incapable of adjusting resistance.
  • Squat Rack and Pull-Up Bar: Apart from versatility on the numerous positions and activities, it is easier and safer to use due to the design that allows you to work alone with the help of lateral safety pins on the rack. It also is a great choice as it consumes minimal space.


In order to add a dimension to your workout sessions, you might want to have complementary accessories such as:

  • Yoga Mat
  • Flat or Incline Bench
  • Kettlebells
  • ABS Wheel Roller
  • Safety Gear

If there is one sure fact about picking the correct equipment, it is that you get to optimize small spaces and small workout rooms with the best workable home gym designs.  Having laid out these considerations, what benefits would you achieve in establishing the best home gym design?

The greatest mistake that people tend to make is not planning ahead of designing their home gym. It is always important to lay out a strategy based on goals, expectations, space availability and how much you are willing to invest in creating the perfect workout space within the confines of your home.

Here are some of the benefits that you get to enjoy from a well-thought home gym design:

1. Comfort

The biggest and most notable advantage of having a nicely designed gym in your home is the level of comfort it provides. Unlike commercial gyms, a home gym can be designed to include finer details that suit personal needs such as the installation of sound and visual systems that one can control with ease; encrypting motivational messages or putting up posters to create a more enabling and inspiring workout environment and having the ability to move equipment freely. Needless to say, being at home allows you to dress comfortably without judging eyes.

2. Quality Control

Investing in a sturdy home gym designs offers great opportunities for controlling the quality of workout sessions. In contrast with local gyms, one can equip the gym with machines that target their specific goals other than keeping up with the ones that are made available but do not cater to the desired needs. When you create your home gym you also get to control hygiene and safety levels. Proper air quality and clean machines facilitate better focus without distraction from unwanted smells, slime, or germs on workout equipment.

3. Convenience

Accessibility and immediate access to workout equipment is a key element in ensuring a fit lifestyle. Local gyms can be very intimidating at times; from having to queue to use a particular machine, to the commuting, to the hefty membership charges. A dependable home gym not only saves time, but it is also cost-effective. From the smallest and simplest home gym designs to the most intricate of them all, the ability to access them whenever there is a minute to spare without having to pay out those hefty membership fees is without a doubt a major benefit.

When it comes to personal health and fitness, compromising the outcomes could result in an epic fail.  It is clearly outlined that a home gym is the most effective way towards achieving fitness goals. Design aspects of a properly designed home gym could go a long way in keeping you motivated, focused and fit. It is, therefore, crucial to pay particular attention to home gym designs and setting up the most brilliant design on the basis of personal needs and desires.


Check out Bryan Sebring’s HouseSmarts TV Episode, which featured home gyms and aired nationally. Our two gym segments start at 2 min 11 seconds.

More photos of these two highlighted projects are available below:

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