50 Modern Living Room Ideas for 2020

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Add shades of blue to your decor to give your living room a fresh and clean look.

Photo Credit: A House Full of Sunshine

An exposed brick wall is the cornerstone behind every industrial living room design.

Photo Credit: Adam Krauth

Love rich patterns, but don’t want to go overboard? Opt for a statement rug with bold colors.

Photo Credit: Alana Range

If space is an issue, find an airy bookshelf that functions as both a decorative and organizational piece.

Photo Credit: Amelia Tatnall

All decor does not have to match. Add personality to your living room with contrasting colors and patterns.

Photo Credit: Anna Routh

Looking for an easy DIY project? Create a wall collage that showcases artwork you love.

Photo Credit: Art Cream

Create a relaxing and positive atmosphere by incorporating natural sunlight into your living room color scheme.

Photo Credit: Becki Owens

Make your guests comfortable by using antique pieces to create a rustic and homey feel.

Photo Credit: Bryarton Farm

Use pieces you already own to transform your living room and add a personalized touch.

Photo Credit: Bryarton Farm

Let the past meet the present by curating pieces that are sure to spark conversation.

Photo Credit: By Tezza

Use mirrors to balance a fixed color scheme while adding a polished look to any modern living room.

Photo Credit: Crazy Chic Design

Instead of adding too much art, stick with one large piece that becomes the main focal point.

Photo Credit: Dabito

Add an eclectic mix of pillows to draw attention to a couch that is naturally simple in design.

Photo Credit: Dabito

Experiment with color by adding bright flowers that complement the original color scheme.

Photo Credit: Designs by Molly Hannah

Keep small spaces clutter-free with a minimalist’s approach to decor and neutral foundation colors.

Photo Credit: Elements of Ellis

If you have space to fill, find a sectional sofa that also serves as a nice decorative element.

Photo Credit: Fieldstone Hill Design

Refined lines, natural silhouettes and geometric shapes are key in achieving a modern style living room.

Photo Credit: Hailey Wilson

Sometimes less is more. A stylish area rug is one way to add a contemporary touch.

Photo Credit: Heather Telford

Don’t have enough space to decorate the walls? Incorporate a patterned rug with a bold design.

Photo Credit: Interiors by Kenz

Find inspiration from nature and build from there. A couple of plants should do the trick.

Photo Credit: Janae Hardy

Built-in book shelves create a clean look that allows you to add more pieces while saving space.

Photo Credit: Jeanne Campana

A little glam can be accomplished with a well-decorated coffee table that showcases beautiful flowers.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Hillstead

You can never have enough pillows, and they’re an effortless way to transform an entire look.

Photo Credit: Jylare Smith Photography

You don’t always need a couch. Opt for non-traditional pieces that create a retro vibe.

Photo Credit: Kayla Snell

Use offbeat styles of lamps to add the same level of sophistication found in this living room.

Photo Credit: Kiss Me Darling

Encourage a social atmosphere by having furniture face each other instead of the TV.

Photo Credit: Laura Sumrak

Going for effortless style? Consider these plush mid-century modern living room chairs.

Photo Credit: Light and dwell

Make your living room a DIY project by experimenting with different wood pieces to add to your decor.

Photo Credit: Little Vintage Nest

Tree stump coffee tables are a welcome alternative to the traditional rectangle design.

Photo Credit: Liz Vidyarthi

Bring a level of zen to your design by invoking nature with a couple of green plants.

Photo Credit: Megan Klein

Wall collages do not have to be complicated. Simple artwork will create a relaxing atmosphere.

Photo Credit: Melyssa Griffin

Keep things less formal and fun with a bean bag chair that has a creative design.

Photo Credit: Monica Wang

Pair dark brown with light, contrasting colors for a warm and sophisticated feel.

Photo Credit: Nyla Free Designs Inc.

Keep your color scheme consistent and subtle like this yellow, white, and grey living room.

Photo Credit: Relocated Living

Two showstopping pieces is all it takes to keep your coffee table decor elegant and chic.

Photo Credit: Antar Hanif

Create a comfortable and homey feel by placing pillows throughout your living room. The couch is not the only place they can be used.

Photo Credit: Seeking Lavender Lane

Go for a minimalist modern and glamorous chic look by only including the necessities and adding a pop of color.

Photo Credit: Stash of Panache

Build off of natural sunlight with beige and white foundation colors to create a relaxing atmosphere you won’t want to leave.

Photo Credit: Stephanie Russo

Everyone loves an inspiring message. Incorporate this into your decor with rustic wall art or canvas signs.

Photo Credit: That Nordic Feeling

Distressed wood is not out of style. Save your antiques and pair them with upholstered furniture for cabin-inspired decor.

Photo Credit: The Country Farm Home

If you can’t choose one decor style, mix it up! Distressed wood pieces and throw blankets create an eclectic look.

Photo Credit: The DIY Mommy

Refresh your modern living room decor with vibrant accent pieces that bring the space to life.

Photo Credit: The Sweet Escape

Dive into the nautical theme while incorporating subtle elements that do not make your decor over the top.

Photo Credit: The Wicker House

There’s no better way to add some glam to your decor than by finding a one-of a-kind chaise lounge.

Photo Credit: Thou Swell

There’s no rule that says you have to stick to one pattern. Mix it up by combining chevron, floral and stripes.

Photo Credit: Hey There, Home

Use decorative accents like pillows and wall art to go from Plain Jane to an artsy and creative lair.

Photo Credit: Valentina Fussell

Don’t be afraid to blend bold patterns and vibrant colors. The key is to stick to the same color tones and intensities.

Photo Credit: Whitney J Decor

Pink, brown and gold are the perfect complementary colors for a modern and chic living room.

Photo Credit: withHEART

Go for modern decor pieces like this bar cart and end table to complete a glamorous chic look.

Photo Credit: Zeke Ruelas

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