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Laveta Brigham

At long last, I had Julia come over to photograph the spaces we redecorated!!! I’m thrilled to be able to show you the new spaces. It feels like we live in an entirely new home– this has been so transformative and I love everything. It feels so…. us. Design is […]

At long last, I had Julia come over to photograph the spaces we redecorated!!! I’m thrilled to be able to show you the new spaces. It feels like we live in an entirely new home– this has been so transformative and I love everything. It feels so…. us.

Design is just so personal and this is our home! I don’t plan on redecorating and wanted something that worked for us long-term…. so finding someone who understood what we liked and could also push us outside of the comfort zone of what we know” was important to us. I actually met Jennifer Muirhead at a creative conference a few years ago so she had been on my radar for a bit.

Originally, we didn’t see ourselves in our home for that long, but considering the real estate market right now, we realized we would probably be here longer than anticipated. Because of this, we felt comfortable making the investment in design. Like let’s really make this place ours now. I will say, I’m really glad we waited. We bought our house in 2019 and our needs changed pretty drastically since then. In this time, we were able to see how we actually used spaces, not just theoretically how we thought we would.

For now, we focused on four spaces that I felt like needed the most attention. (Though now that we’re done, I have another laundry list of things I want to do because isn’t that how it works?)

Dining Room: This was a total blank slate. We don’t have a table in our kitchen, so it is more than just a “formal dining room” that gets used for special occasions. This ends up being the focal point during family meals, where we gather for dinner parties, and doubles as extra working space during the day. With the layout of our first floor, it actually also ends up being a major “artery” so to speak for flow.

Here’s where we stood before….

Living Room: Oy, this living room is a funky one! It is very narrow and very long, and it left me stumped. I did my best, but knew it wasn’t totally maximizing the space to its full potential. It also doesn’t get a lot of light so it felt kind of drab and dark throughout the large majority of the day. Even though it’s a big chunk of the square footage of the first floor, we rarely used this room.

Primary Room: Our primary room is also a bit weird. (Our house was built in the 30s so there are just little quirks in every room!) It’s actually not the biggest bedroom, but it is the one with an en suite bathroom (tiny, but it’s connected!). The location of the windows, the closets, and the bathroom leave very little room for interpretation. The bed can go in exactly one spot and one spot only. I struggled to make this room feel like a sanctuary from day 1….

Guest/Jack’s Bathroom: This was the space I wanted to redo the most. This bathroom bothered the heck out of me from the second we toured the house. Namely, the tile floor was this weird matte finish that grated on my senses in the very worst way. I couldn’t walk barefoot on the tile I hated it so much 🫣. I mostly just avoided the room… until we had Jack and then we were using it on a daily basis. The bathroom was perfectly fine before and didn’t “need” a facelift, so this was a pure want.

I’m going to let the pictures here do most of the talking, but here are the spaces!!!


This is the dining room of my dreams! Now I can’t believe we just had white walls with white built-ins before?! Despite its boldness, it somehow ties together our sunroom, living room, and entrance into the kitchen beautifully. If we’re still here when we’re out of the baby/toddler stage of life, I would love to replace our table and chairs with something more grand. But keeping it real with the table we have because we are just not in a stage of life where I want to have a table that requires more fussiness since it’s our everyday dining space.


When we got the presentation for the rooms, this is the one I was most excited for…. and also the one I struggled the most to envision in real life. The pink seemed a little scary to commit to, but it ended up making the room feel soooo much brighter and more open. The banquette seating also elongated the room and now (!!!) we love to spend time in here as a family. It’s especially cozy in the morning when the sun beams through the windows. (We are adding the same window treatments as the dining room in here, I just couldn’t wait to take the photos to share so that will be an update in the future…)




This was a delightful change! Totally unnecessary on paper…. but the joy it brings is immeasurable! It has charm and character and matches our house so well. And yes! I can walk on the tile without shoes now.


Our boring bedroom was transformed!!! This ended up being the best of the transformations in a way I wasn’t expecting. It feels like such a special space now and somehow feels two times larger, even after upgrading from a queen to a king sized bed.


A lot of the furniture is custom, but I’ll do my best to link to sources or something similar when possible:

DESIGNER: Jennifer Muirhead Interiors

I cannot recommend Jennifer enough. I trusted her inherently with the designs and I was blown away by what she came up with. She matched the character of our home with our family and created spaces we will enjoy and grow into for years to come.


Wallpaper: Soane “Dianthus Chintz”

Paint: Farrow & Ball “Hague Blue

Chandelier: Rosecliff Chandelier

Rug: Custom Color-Bound Seagrass Rug

Table & Chairs: Old Pottery Barn


Paint: Farrow & Ball “Calamine”

Custom Banquette: Similar

Custom Sofa: Similar Sofa

Antique Dresser: Similar

Custom Chairs: Similar

Custom Ottoman: Similar

Pillows: “Henriette”

Rug: The Rush House


Tub: Signature Hardware*

Shower: Signature Hardware*

Sink: Signature Hardware

Vintage Mirror: Similar

Towels: Weezie Towels (c/o)

*Would recommend going with something else because it was too difficult to install


Wallpaper: Lewis & Wood “Adam’s Eden”

Custom Headboard: Similar

Linens: Matouk

Nightstands: Sorin 3-Drawer Nightstands

Sconces: Visual Comfort

Rug: Annie Selke

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round daybed detail with wood frame and large green woven inserts and plenty of plump matching pillows

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