Home Theater Seating – Elite HTS Home Theater Chairs & Cinema Seating

Quality Home Theater Seating

Our home theater seating is hand crafted and built to last, by our 100% Canadian team.

With over a decade of experience designing and building luxurious home cinema seating and bespoke cinema room chairs, Elite HTS take your comfort seriously.

Whether you’re looking for stylish home theater recliners or a cozy and luxuriously comfortable cuddle chair to snuggle up on, Elite HTS has you covered.

We also have a selection of theater couches and sofas that are perfect for group or family film nights, or exclusive limited edition black leather recliners.

You can also design your own double recliner with our custom reclining sofas and recliner couches.

All of our home cinema room chairs are completely customizable, which means you’ll never be stuck choosing something “off the shelf”. With our brand new home theater chair builder tool, you’ll be able to tweak, change and completely mix and match every part of your theatre seat.

Choose from an almost infinite range of combinations by selecting your own headrest, backrest, arms, trim, finish, material and more!

Wondering where to start? We hear you. Choosing the right home theatre seat for your cinema room is complicated. That’s why we’ve created a whole host of useful resources to help you plan – from our home theatre layout ideas guide to this huge collection of home theater design resources. We also have a handy guide to help you choose the right home theater room paint color.

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