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How Decor Affects Your Emotions at Home

It’s easy to become happier at home! Positively affect your mood by simply kicking off those shoes, losing the socks, and grabbing your favorite libation in the living room. See you’re happier already… By using the psychology of interior design, you can easily become more comfortable in your home. Small […]

Transparent floral orange curtains half up on sliding glass door in the corner of the room with a lounge chair facing outside.It’s easy to become happier at home!

Positively affect your mood by simply kicking off those shoes, losing the socks, and grabbing your favorite libation in the living room.

See you’re happier already…

By using the psychology of interior design, you can easily become more comfortable in your home. Small changes to colors, layout, and fabrics can easily improve your mood and evoke positive feelings.

Ready to learn more? Let’s go!


Table Of Contents – Decor Tips To Improve Your Mood

If you want home inspirations, ideas, or design samples, contact one of our experienced designers to learn best practices for aligning your style with positive emotions. Give us a call at 818.794.1036

Did You Know How Decor Affects Your Emotions At Home?

Subtle emotional signals from surroundings are influencing your perception at all times.

In the video below, learn how to use interior design to create feelings of happiness, comfort, safety, romance, and pride in your home. By making changes to the layout, colors, and fabrics you can make a positive difference quickly.

How Does Interior Design Make You Feel?

Psychology is a part of every interior design, so keep your favorite feelings in mind while you are designing. Tap into your inner interior designer with these helpful tips for creating positive feelings for yourself, family, and guests.

Before you begin, ask yourself a few questions to assess your home’s current emotions.

  • How does a room make you feel when you enter?
  • Does your home need more fresh air and circulation?
  • Are textures soft in a restful areas (living room) and sharp in areas of focus (office)?
  • Why did you choose the color of the room’s accents, like curtains or lamp shades?

There is an enormous range of colors, feelings, and functionalities that you may have in mind for your home.

Stay true to your desires for a particular feeling, there is no designer like you! Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Third party consultants (friends, interior designers, etc.) will be able to bring out the inner emotions that you may not be considering.

Emotional Interior Design To Evoke Positive Feelings

We asked our designers how to evoke the following emotions and which rooms these feelings are best suited. Each emotion has a room scene that features design choices like drapes, carpets, and furniture to improve your mood.


Happiness – Make A Great First Impression

“The living room or the kitchen tend to be gathering places in the home and often make the first impression. These are great spaces to have a happy feel filled with light and air and elegance.”

Comfort – Relax With Warm Textures

“The master bedroom is a great place to build comfort in, along with the family room. This can be accomplished with warm textured fabrics and rich color.”

Pride – Impress Guests While Entertaining

“Usually the formal living room and dining room are the rooms you use to impress your guests or family members. In the spaces you want to make a statement and you want to invest more dollars to create drama and to let the people know who are visiting the home that they are important too.”


Ask A Designer: What part of windows are overlooked in the design process?

“I find many times that aesthetics is considered alone. Or that function is considered alone. But the best designs are the ones that combine the best aesthetics and the best function, and when a quality product is chosen it lasts for years to come with maximum enjoyment.”

– Erika Bratschie, Los Angeles Custom Window Covering Designer

Safety – Research Your Options And Double Check Your Home

“It’s always important if there are children in the home or visiting the home frequently, to have the conversation about what would be the best elements to operate custom window treatments that are the most child safe possible. Cordless controls are a great option for safety.”

Romance – Embrace A Soft And Touchable Atmosphere

“To create a feeling of romance in a room, the fabrics used should be soft and touchable and have some drape or flow in them.”


Related Articles From Our Designers

Psychology Of Color In Interior Designcolors-of-interior-design

Choosing the right color is crucial to setting the tone and purpose of a room.

As a rule, lighter colors will feel more open and light like the sky, whereas darker colors give off a heavy feeling and can make you feel more enclosed.

The more white added to a hue, the more light it is able to reflect whereas darker colors absorb light. Beware of overpowering your home with too much darkness when choosing some of your favorite colors.


Neutral colors – versatile for many uses

Brown represents: a neutral color that can feel very grounding in accents as it associated in the mind with wood, organics, and stability. Be careful of overuse though, as monochromatic areas may dull your senses or make you sleepy. If you aren’t a big color fan, try to add some brighter accents to the room.

White represents: purity, goodness, and cleanliness. Too much white is sometimes associated with sterility, like in a medical setting. White can be elegant and open up a space when used in moderation with strategic color-pop accents. This color is also great for walls in a smaller room that you want to make feel larger.

Black is not recommended for a dominant color in any room, except maybe a home theater. This color is powerful, elegant, and best used in moderation. It can serve as a grounding agent to balance a lighter colored room or add contrast.

Warmer Colors – energize and increase appetite.

Red represents: fire, love, and anger – it reminds us of passionate energy. This color can increase metabolism and blood pressure – for better or worse. This powerful color should be used sparingly or for a specific purpose. In Feng Shui, red represents good fortune.

Pink represents: happiness, love, and peace. It is a great option for lovers of red as a calming alternative. Great for children’s bedrooms.

Colder Colors – relax the mind and decrease appetite.

Blue represents: confidence, openness, and stability. The most popular colors for living rooms is light blue for calming, but avoid darker blues as they can invoke feelings of sadness.

Purple represents: luxury, ambition, creativity, and wealth. This is a very versatile color for almost any room or purpose.


View Our Design Gallery For Color Inspiration

The best way to find inspiration is to look at other designs. View our photo gallery for examples of our favorite styles.


Feng Shui Design Styles For Curtains, Living Rooms, and Overall Happiness

Feng Shui principles state that mimicking the outdoors in your home will put you in a permanent good mood, optimize your health, and generally improve your life.

These tips will help every place in your home to integrate natural elements within the psychology of interior design to reduce physical, mental, and emotional stress.

Use the following strategies to better adhere with Feng Shui concepts:

  • Maximize natural light or mimic it while matching the lighting of the earth’s rotation.
  • Declutter your home to remove distractions and improve your productivity.
  • Use plants in living areas to improve air quality, relaxation, inspiration, and focus.
  • Balance natural elements (fire, earth, water metal, etc.) for more interest and depth.
  • Create energy flow with no path roadblocks with a clean area for a productive and happy room.
  • Place tributes to your personal goals and passions in each room that represent what you think about or achieve in those places. Add inspirational designs to every object, color, and texture in your room as food for positive thought.

This only skimmed the tip of information for Feng shui in interior design principles. The design of your room has a large influence on the psychology of interior design for your home and there are endless ways to improve your mood that are easy to do.

interior-design-color-psychology-tipsBeing in the moment and understanding your feelings inside a room are the first steps to making a difference in your home. You need to find fabric, textures, designs that work best in your home for you and your guests.

Since we all have different feelings to colors and designs, these tips won’t work for everyone!

We hope these ideas are helpful and that you will share with a friend to also help improve their mood on a daily basis.

The personal totems that inspire you may not be the same to the others. Realize certain rooms you may be designed for other people beyond yourself and not everyone is going to be reminded of the sun when they look at yellow.

Ready To Call In The Professionals?

Working with a professional designer will help you to focus your aims and help you decide what is the best option to utilize your space. Third party perspectives are important. Working with a designer will help you make good decisions to improve your emotions at home.

We are a professional window coverings company in LA and often find that window fashions are overlooked. They are that finishing touch that really pulls the room together. If you are looking to make a fast change to your home, updating your window coverings is a choice that will last for decades and inspire you ever day.

Our experienced designers have varying styles and look forward to answering ANY of your questions!

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