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Interior Large Kitchen: 200+ (Photos) Modern Design – Decor

Oddly enough, large kitchens in the design can be no less complicated than the small ones. With a small space, specific tricks are needed: how to make it visually larger? How to fit into it all those necessary things that so need to fit into it? How to make it […]

Oddly enough, large kitchens in the design can be no less complicated than the small ones. With a small space, specific tricks are needed: how to make it visually larger? How to fit into it all those necessary things that so need to fit into it? How to make it convenient for them to use, despite the fact that there is little space and moving without touching anything, is it difficult? Everything is more detailed later in the article.

Content of this article:

  • Important nuances of planning
  • Comfort Rules
  • Triangle Rule
  • Availability
  • Zoning
  • Furniture arrangement: working area
  • Furniture arrangement: dining area
  • Suitable styles
  • Loft
  • English style
  • VIDEO: Large kitchen interior design
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 200 photos)
  • Important nuances of planning
  • Comfort Rules
  • Suitable styles
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 200 photos)
  • Important nuances of planning

    With a lot of such problems, of course, no. You don’t need to do it anymore, all the necessary things will fit perfectly without tricks, it’s quite difficult to touch something.

    Plenty of space for creative ideas.

    But then there are others, with the decision of whom they also have to invent something: how to make the kitchen not resemble a non-residential space due to its size? How to arrange everything so that you do not have to painfully walk from one cabinet to another, and then to the stove, and then to the refrigerator, tired and annoyed at the same time? How to make the space was cozy, but did not lose the feeling of spaciousness.

    There are useful tips to solve all this.

    To arrange furniture in the kitchen is, of course, not the first stage of repair. But to think about how it will be placed, it is worth much in advance, so that, starting with the decoration, properly position the working and dining areas.

    It is important to think about furniture placement.

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    Comfort Rules

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    Triangle Rule

    Every person who knows how to cook at least a little knows that there are three main objects in the kitchen around which the whole kitchen life revolves:

    • it is a refrigerator from which food is taken and into which the excess is removed;
    • it is a stove on which everything is cooked, stewed, fried, and in which everything is baked;
    • it is a sink over which vegetables are cleaned, in which they wash themselves, in which water is collected.

    Everything you need at hand

    In order for the cook to be comfortable, you need to ensure that an isosceles triangle is formed between these objects, and the sides should not be too long. Then it will be easy and convenient to move between them. In the small kitchen, the rule of the “triangle” can be neglected – there and so everything is at hand. In the large kitchen it is necessary to comply with it.

    Bright large kitchen in a private house

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    Everything you might need while cooking should also be on hand. Dishes? In the cabinet next to the stove, for example. Cereals and vegetables? In the lower drawers of the same locker. Spice? Somewhere on the shelf. Everything should be close, otherwise the one who cooks will have to rush not only around the kitchen, but also throughout the house in order to deliver the necessary pan from the pantry or from another room.

    Accessibility rule in the form of open cabinets

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    In any kitchen, zones should be observed, even in a small one, but their big role becomes key. In the large kitchen there is just enough space so that they can open up and look beautiful. Usually emit:

    • Work Area It includes a refrigerator, stove, sink and work surface – usually kitchen cabinets. This also includes the storage subzone – it is a variety of shelves, cabinets and other places where everything you need is stored. The work area is usually decorated with the most resistant materials, because it always splashes fat, then spills something, or instead of the forgotten board the stand is used directly. Here linoleum or tile is laid on the floor, the wall is covered with the same tile or plastic, if the repair is temporary. You can also cover part of the wall with metal, but it is expensive and rather extravagant in appearance – the kitchen immediately begins to resemble either the kitchen of a large restaurant, or the operating room.
    • Dinner Zone. This includes a table and chairs – in this area it is proposed to eat not only the family, but also the guests. The table may look different – it can be adjacent to the main headset, it can be completely separate. And it can also be replaced by a bar counter. Only a budget can limit you.

    Dining area in the kitchen

    In the large kitchen, you can add more zones to them, for which, with a small or medium size, there is simply no room.

    It may be:
    • Rest zone. If you like to drink coffee thoughtfully, invite good friends and sit with them in peace and quiet, if you like soft sofas, cozy armchairs, if you like to read and consider that the kitchen is the best place to sit comfortably – this area is for you . Usually, it is a separate sofa (usually angular), which is not intended for eating, but simply to rest. Sometimes it can be a couple of chairs, next to which is a small table. If you have a balcony adjoining the kitchen – you can take a rest area to it, and then you can enjoy not only comfort, but also the view.
    • Breakfast area“. Sometimes people perceive the dining area as a place where you can get together as a family and have a good meal, and they like to have a quick snack in some other way. In the breakfast area, for example. This is usually a small table that adjoins the main headset. retractable or folding, can be a bar stand or even be installed in a dedicated archway. Its main purpose is fast food intake, and not by company, but alone when it is too lazy to set the table.

    Minimalist style with a seating area

    Sometimes, for better zoning, the working area from the dining is separated by a bar. Firstly, it expands the working space, secondly, it acts as a zone for single meals, thirdly, it looks great, fits well with some interiors.

    Instead of a bar counter, you can use a partition, the bottom of which will be, for example, made of bricks, and the top – of frosted glass or thick paper.

    Although, of course, you can always restrict yourself to different materials and accents of lighting.

    Bar counter from the dining area

    The last rule is the compulsory layout of the light. The big kitchen will be dark if you do not take care of this in advance, so you need to think through how it will be done.

    It will take:
    • The main lamp for each zone. It can be a chandelier, a light bulb in a lampshade or without a lampshade. As a rule, the main ceiling lamp should be well fall into the main style.
    • Additional fixtures. The main fixtures are usually not enough to light all the little things, and good visibility in the kitchen is simply necessary. Because for each place where there are problems with lighting, you need a separate source of light. In the work area it can be an LED strip that will highlight everything you need. In the dining area – a small table lamp on the table. In the recreation area – a floor lamp, for example. Conveniently, if each of the sources will have its own outlet.
    • Decorative accents. To make the kitchen look good, it may not be enough to just highlight it. You may need specific light accents that highlight something important. For example, you have a loft style, a beautiful poster is hanging on the wall, which you like very much. A good solution would be to insert a pair of LEDs into the wall next to it so that it could be seen well, so that the attention of an outside observer would immediately attract itself. Or you have modern, you are very proud of the small glass vase that stands on the shelf next to the TV. Swipe the ribbon along the edge of the shelf – the visual effect will immediately change!

    A lot of lighting does not happen

    BoardAccording to the results of the rules, it turns out that it is important to ensure the presence of a triangle, to make everything accessible, to highlight zones and beautifully highlight the result.

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    Furniture arrangement: working area

    In addition to fulfilling the basic rules, it also plays a role in how well you place the furniture in the kitchen. If it is too crowded, it will become less spacious in the kitchen; if you place it too far apart, you will feel that you can get lost in the kitchen.

    We arrange everything so that it is comfortable

    Due to improper placement of furniture, you can get the feeling that your kitchen is too narrow, too small or frankly cramped.. Therefore, the question must be approached with some caution.

    The work area can be arranged in the following ways:
    • Arrange the furniture in one line. Quite a controversial decision, because the kitchen with him begins to seem “overloaded” on one side. Usually one line is advised for small rooms, where there is simply no other way – either for the end wall, which is easily balanced with a bar counter with a dining area behind it. It is better not to have furniture along the long wall.
    • Arrange the furniture in two lines. As a result, if you have a narrow large kitchen, you get a natural corridor – so it’s better to choose something else. But if you do not have such a problem, the solution is quite possible to use. Arrange the furniture on the long walls, but not to the end. At the end wall (especially it will look good if there is a window there) arrange the dining area. The passage between the lines must be at least a meter, otherwise it will be inconvenient. The sink should be located on one side, the stove with the refrigerator on the other – or in any other combination, the main thing is that the rule of “triangle” is observed.

    Linear kitchen layout

    • Arrange the furniture in the shape of the letter “G”. With this arrangement, there is a lot of free space. In the center of it you can place a dining area, in one of the walls that are not occupied by the headset, put a sofa for a rest area. The main thing is to arrange so that the headset does not block access to the window, otherwise you will have difficulty opening it in the heat of summer, and in order to wash it.
    • Arrange the furniture in the shape of the letter “P”. This arrangement frees up space under the dining area – it can be positioned between the legs “P” or in an easy distance from them. The “P” look is usually impressive, looks good in classic styles and where people who love to cook live.

    Arrangement of furniture with the letter “G”

    When the headset is placed – of course, for a start on paper – the turn of the dining area comes.

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    Furniture arrangement: dining area

    The dining area consists of a table with chairs, and the table can be completely different types:

    • Isle. This table is the most suitable solution for a large kitchen, since it is only in a spacious room that you can put it. It stands apart from the headset, like an island far from the mainland. Around him a bunch of chairs – usually they are in the same style, from one factory. Above the table hangs a lamp that highlights it in a separate area. The shape of the table can be rectangular – this is a classic form, familiar, not distinguished by originality – and can be round or oval. This solution looks more interesting, well suited for a home where a large family lives with children – it’s harder to hurt yourself on a table without corners. Round tables are the business card of Provence style, in which they look particularly advantageous.
    • Peninsula table. Such a table adjoins sideways to the working surface of the headset or to the wall. He is deprived of isolation of the island, but still looks quite impressive. It can be rectangular, it can be semicircular – at the request of the owners.
    To visually separate it from the work surface, it is usually made higher or lower.

    • Bar counter. Usually used either in modern styles, or in a parody of the American saloon from the time of the Wild West. Twenty centimeters taller than a standard chair, it requires a special selection of chairs – they must be high, with a footrest, preferably rotating, so that it is comfortable to peel off. The stand can stand apart, may be adjacent to the working surface, there is no fundamental difference. Above it are usually arranged in a row lamps, suitable for the main style. For example, in a loft, these are bare bulbs that do not even have lamp shades.
    • Folding or sliding table. In a large kitchen, it loses its practical purpose — to save space — and becomes a great addition to the breakfast area. It unfolds and extends either from the wall or from the main headset, only when someone needs a snack. Something like the tables in the train, it can even be beaten. Usually, a single built-in lamp is placed above such a table, which can be used instead of a ceiling light.
    • Mobile table. It is usually used either to move dishes from the working area to the dining area – this can be done by hand, but the serving table looks more interesting – or to bring a light snack to the recreation area. It can be a wonderful accessory for one of the classic styles.

    With a large dining area

    According to the results, it turns out that the table can either adjoin the headset, or to the wall, or stand completely separate – and the latter solution is best suited for a large kitchen.

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    Suitable styles

    To choose a color, to decide which curtains will be and whether textiles are needed, you can use ready-made cribs – that is, interior styles that are invented are used by designers all over the world.

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    Minimalist modern styles are often used in small rooms – it helps to save space, not to constantly drop unnecessary accessories on yourself, not to clutter the space with a lot of unnecessary trifles. But only in a large kitchen with them you can truly turn around.

    We make out in loft style

    The first of these styles is loft. Created in America, in industrial premises, it loses some of its chic in a small room. Large kitchen is another matter.

    • Colors. Low-key. White. Gray. Black in small quantities. The color of concrete, the color of red brick. Bright accents put accessories.
    • Registration. The ceiling is covered with plaster – or even left as it is – and beams are made on top. The walls are covered with brick, and then partially painted it or plaster – so you can select a recreation area, for example. A concrete screed is left on the floor or imitated.
    • Furniture. The set should be dark, with shiny metallic inserts. A high metal shelf can act as a storage area. The dining area is a bar counter above which Edison bulbs are mounted, without lamp shades. In the recreation area you can put a leather sofa.
    • Accessories. There are few accessories – graffiti or posters on the walls, figurines in ethnic style. There are no requirements for dishes.

    The colors in this style are low key and dark

    Interestingly, the lighting in the loft should be maximum, but extravagant. There are no curtains on the windows; lamps on the bar stand are the same above the working area, above the rest area.

    You can hang them on cords of different lengths – so they will look even more interesting.

    BoardMost modern styles vaguely resemble loft. A small number of accessories, light colors, a sense of spaciousness, zoning, extravagant lighting. Somewhere more technology is needed, somewhere the colors slide closer to black, but the minimalist essence does not change.

    The lack of curtains in the loft only emphasizes the style effect.

    This is the main advantage of modern styles – they leave a feeling of freedom and simplicity.

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    English style

    English style came from the nineteenth century of England – from urban houses, from what is now considered a classic. It is distinguished by elegance, but at the same time also by a certain heaviness, which to some extent is inherent in all classical styles.

    Requires the following steps in the design:
    • Colors. Shades are deep, but not too bright – beige, tree color, mustard, red, dark red, dark green. The main thing in any color – it should be muted. Nothing flashy English style does not allow.
    • Finish. The floor is made of wood with tiles – in the dining and working areas, respectively. It is desirable that he was in a large cell. Paint is applied to the walls, preferably matte, or wallpaper, similar to textile or paper. Additionally, you can sheathe their bottom with a tree – this will make the result more interesting.In the work area, instead of these beautiful, but not too resistant materials, square tiles are used. The ceiling is light, matte. You can decorate it with stucco.

    The floor of the tree, paint on the walls – a typical option for this style

    • Furniture. The table should be round, chairs with soft seats. They must be made of wood or “under the tree”, the appearance must be simple, good, reliable. The set must also be wooden, with panels that will provide relief for it. You can add additional thread, it will also look good.
    • Accessories. The light is warm, yellowish, small chandeliers should complement the ceiling chandelier. A lot of textiles – curtains with lumbrequins, checkered tablecloth, embroidered napkins. Look good family photos, simple still lifes. Old metal dishes will look great.

    The main thing is not too bright colors.

    It is important that no modern technology is visible – it will destroy the whole image that you have so carefully created. You can remove it in the headset, close the facades so that its very presence was not obvious.

    The stove is better to take a gas, you can even artificially aged.

    BoardAll classic styles do not like modern technology, but this does not mean that you need to give it up. A microwave can imitate a locker, a food processor can stand on an entresol, and a favorite dishwasher can be disguised as a simple kitchen cabinet.

    Aristocratic style of modern cuisine

    In fact, all classic styles are somewhat similar to English. They prefer natural materials, they are simple, they fill the space as much as possible, they do not tolerate synthetics, modern technology, white bright light. The main feeling of them – the familiar home comfort in its most traditional sense.

    Warm colors, an abundance of textiles, complex stucco, carving, an abundance of accessories – one can say that classical styles are directly opposed to modern ones. And that is often what their fans really like.

    Natural materials and an abundance of textiles

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    VIDEO: Large kitchen interior design








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