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Our Personal Design Projects – What We Are Designing, Styling Or Redoing In Our Own Homes This Weekend

Just because our bigger design projects are currently halted, does not mean that we aren’t working on personal projects – stuff in our homes. I was so curious about what my team was planning to restyle and/or design and figured if I was curious maybe you would be, too. There […]

Just because our bigger design projects are currently halted, does not mean that we aren’t working on personal projects – stuff in our homes. I was so curious about what my team was planning to restyle and/or design and figured if I was curious maybe you would be, too. There is no weekend requirement to design their homes, but as editors and designers for a design site, you can imagine it’s a hobby of all of ours. So here is what the EHD design and editorial team is up to in their homes.

Me. Emily Henderson

At the mountain house there isn’t too much to do design or style-wise (at least not that doesn’t require shopping and its too cold to start the deck or landscaping). All I do is cook, clean, craft, clean, play, clean, etc. But I have been hoarding this chair for a couple of years, so I had Brian bring it up the last time he ran home to get “supplies” (a much needed 5 hours of car time alone). I have a bunch of vintage fabric and while I don’t want to waste the really good stuff on a chair that I don’t even know where it will go, I might do it out of sheer boredom. I’ll story it, don’t worry.


Ok here is my super real, pretty sad “bedroom”. I feel naked on the internet showing it off. Once again, I am one year and one month out from my first reveal. HOW?! Wasn’t it last week? Well, it wasn’t and due to a little self-design burnout, self-imposed expectations and a lack of funds, I have still not designed the other half of my apartment. I know, I broke my promise that it would be done with the year. But guess who has all the time in the world now?? Ya, it’s me. So aside from the potential monetary issue with some likely necessary custom elements (why do I insist on doing this to myself?) I am going full force and letting my creative juices flow. There will be a fun and pretty blog post on what I’ve decided/choosing between. Maybe I’ll do an ask the audience! Lord knows I am indecisive.


FEAST YOUR EYES. This is the first time you’re seeing my MOTO in any form and I could not be more excited to be sharing this little moodboard with you all. As you can maybe tell by this photo of me lovingly staring at my computer screen, this is my baby. Let me give you the backstory for how it was conceived. My boyfriend Chase and I (this isn’t a “birds and bees” conversation, I swear) moved into a small studio apartment located LITERALLY on the walk of fame. It’s aggressive but convenient and there’s something magical about having Michael Buble’s star as your front doormat. This is our first “real” apartment (aka the first apartment we’re ready to invest time and money into), so we’ve detailed out every inch of our apartment via Google Slides and this is a very small sneak peek into that incredibly complex and time-consuming process which I can’t wait to show you more of. 

I know what you’re thinking. A studio apartment? With your boyfriend? How are you going to add TWO different styles/personalities in one place? I know that probably wasn’t actually the first thing that came to mind, but it felt like a good transition sentence for what I wanted to say next. Here’s the great news, we don’t really know WHAT our styles are yet since we’re sort of new to this whole thing, but we do know one thing: we are obsessed with the vibe of Palm Springs. SPECIFICALLY, The Parker Hotel. It’s what set it off for us (Jonathan Adler is my life motto and has been since I was little). Then we saw the Sands Hotel and it was over. We needed to inject this vibe into our space. You’ll see more inspiration photos and my reasoning for all this in my MOTO intro coming soon, but for now, here’s a look into our little escape from Hollyweird wrapped up in a 500 square foot studio apartment. Alright, onto the next project!


Honest truth: NONE of my apartment is designed and it’s kinda overwhelming when I think about how to start (WHERE DO I FIND MY “JUMPING OFF POINT,” YOU GUYS? What if I’m constantly oscillating between “I have great basics” and “I need to burn everything down and start again”???) So I decided to tackle my smallest space with the hopes that I’d get some momentum going. First up is my balcony, which poses a fun (read: awful) challenge because 1. It looks like a prison, 2. I have no privacy (hello, drive-thru!), and 3. I have a screen door that opens outward into the space and leaves about…none inches of clearance. My original dream was to center a lil sofa and face it towards the apartment, but OOF, the door kinda kills that hope. Maybe I should just take it off? Alternatively, I’m thinking about building a shelf like this for my plants OR putting a trellis up to get some privacy, but I’m worried about losing light (and I have super strong eastern sun in the AM, which basically fries all the kinds of plants that would actually work on a trellis). IDK. Please help if you have any balcony experience (especially if yours is also of the 1930s cage persuasion). This one’s about 10’x3′ and I’d appreciate all the guidance I can get.


I can’t tell if I love our front door or absolutely hate it. Part of me loves it because it presents the only architectural charm in our entire space. But the color is this dark almost purple-y wood that I am not a fan of and the stained glass is dated as hell. PLUS, the painters were not very meticulous when painting our place, and did get a decent amount of paint on the door frame and door. So, I talked to my dad about it (he is a contractor and has his own construction business so having him in my back pocket is a real godsend) and he informed me of a few things: 1. We’re renting, so replacing the door would be costly and (perhaps) stupid. Also, the landlord would have to approve. 2. You can’t replace the stained glass in this type of door. Great! Everything is going as planned.

It’s safe to say I am not going to replace the door but I would like to get rid of the paint drips at the very least. My dad ordered me to sand and then stain it with a wood finish. Pft, construction is EASY. But, my other problem still remains unsolved. I really want to somehow update the stained glass. Does anyone know how to do this? Or are there some innovative ways I can cover it up? Do I put another stained glass over it?? Do I put art over it?? Please send help.


current styling on the left, photoshoot styling on the right

If you saw my living room and dining room reveal last week, then you’ll remember these shelves. But they’re looking a little different these days. Why? Well, when Mac (my boyfriend and co-homeowner) first saw the shelves his response was “they’re very… neutral.” YES THEY ARE, AND I LIKE THEM THAT WAY. Apparently, though, when you share a home with someone the styling has to reflect both of you at least a little. So we’ve been incorporating more of “Mac” into the house as we pull more of our old stuff from out of the garage.

current styling on the left, photoshoot styling on the right

Which means our shelves are getting bigger doses of color and personality. We’ve also brought in a console and added Mac’s record player into the living room. Listen, I know a few of you are going to be all “oh, but I actually like them better now! With more color and personality!” *narrow eyes in your direction* How dare you side with Mac. After all our time together? In truth, the shoot and reveal really reflected more of “me” and not a whole lot of Mac, and I want him to love where he lives as much as I do. So compromises must be made, and neutral styling must be sacrificed, and I suppose no one will suffer too much.

Alright, well that’s it from us today. We clearly have a lot of work to do. Hope these projects got you a little excited for some future content and please if you have advice, we want it! Also, we would LOVE to hear what your current plans are. Otherwise, we hope you have a safe and healthy rest of your Sunday and see you all tomorrow. xx

Fin Mark

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