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The Logic of Intelligent Design

Laveta Brigham

Image source: Discovery Institute. Stephen Meyer and other proponents of intelligent design theory are often accused of committing the “God of the gaps” fallacy, or GOTG for short. Just what does that mean? And is the accusation true? GOTG is one form of a logical fallacy called the argument from […]

7 Things Aspiring DIY Designers Should Know

Laveta Brigham

Photo: Few design and decor trends capture the imagination quite like Japandi interior design. This unique style is a blend of Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics, merging the minimalistic elegance of the East with the cozy warmth of the North. Japandi-style interior design offers a blend of tranquility, simplicity, and […]

These Modern Living Room Ideas Are Far From Boring

Laveta Brigham

Defined by clean lines, natural materials and minimalist decor, modern home design is one of the most well-known interior design styles. In the living room, the aesthetic translates to a space that feels airy and uncluttered, yet cozy and welcoming. Here, we’ve rounded up dreamy modern living room ideas that […]

Suluca House / Yalin Architectural Design

Laveta Brigham

Suluca House / Yalin Architectural Design © Egemen Karakaya + 28 Share Share Facebook Twitter Mail Pinterest Whatsapp Or © Egemen Karakaya Text description provided by the architects. The project area is in Suluca village in Lapseki, at the northern end of Çanakkale province in Turkey. Ergin House is […]

14 Cozy Home Libraries From the AD Archive

Laveta Brigham

Is there any residential amenity more dignified and sophisticated than the home library? Whether aged and pleasantly dusty or modern and bright, there’s no denying the romance of a space in one’s home specifically devoted to knowledge, curiosity, and calm. Below, we’ve chosen 14 of our favorite home libraries from […]

Can interior design impact the taste of your wine?

Laveta Brigham

Can interior design affect your perception and enjoyment of a glass of wine? A new study commissioned by Campo Viejo has revealed the answer to the question on every good host’s lips. A new study commissioned by Rioja wine brand Campo Viejo has finally answered the age-old question: can sitting […]

Trending fall interior designs |

Laveta Brigham

Using colors inspired by nature, such as browns, greens, warm grays, and muted earthy reds are a popular trend this fall.frames-for-your-heart-FqqiAvJejto-unsplash According to the interior design team at RubyHome Luxury Real Estate, Pinterest searches for “fall decor ideas” are up 1,328% over the past three months. Despite rising inflation, interest […]

5 of the most outdated wall decor trends |

Laveta Brigham

Adding decor to walls throughout the home is an obvious way to create interest and establish a homely feel. Whatever your interior design taste, whether you prefer sleek minimalism or an eclectic look, there are many wall decor options that will help you add personality to your space. Although there’s […]

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