PS5 Console & Controller Design Concept So Good It Should Be Real

A new PlayStation 5 design concept is so good that it should be the real thing. There have been dozens of different interpretations of what Sony’s next home console will look like, some more radical in design than others. Unlike Microsoft, who officially unveiled what the Xbox Series X will look like, Sony hasn’t shown off any of the PlayStation 5’s hardware design, leaving fans to wonder what the aesthetic of the system will be.

It’s no secret that Microsoft has chosen to maximize performance over appearance with the Xbox Series X. The console chassis is about as dull as any office desktop computer. However, that’s largely intentional. As both Microsoft and Sony have had issues with thermals in the past, it makes sense that both companies would focus on improving system cooling with the next generation of consoles. Recently, Sony Lead System Architect Mark Cerny spoke at length about the various intricacies of the PlayStation 5. Although Cerny largely confused audiences with an expert-level auditory lecture, he did reveal the full PlayStation 5 technical specs.

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The design of the PlayStation 5 still hasn’t been revealed, which has led some concept designers to imagine how they would build the system. One recent mock-up from Let’sGoDigital is so impressive that many have speculated it could be the real thing. Not only did the company and artists go through the trouble of imagining up the PlayStation 5 system and controller, they made the retail box as well. The end result is staggeringly convincing.

Last year, Sony filed a patent for back-triggers on a game controller. At that time, many assumed the back-triggers would be added to the DualShock 5. Let’sGoDigital included the patented design from Sony in their own concept but also added a great new level of customization. In their design, the DualShock 5 back-triggers could be manually button-mapped by players. The regular L2/R2 triggers would be modifiable so that players could choose how far they go down when pressed. This would change the feel of playing a racing game where the player press down the trigger for maximum speed when compared to a shooting game, where it could allow them to control the rate of fire.

All in all, the PlayStation 5 concept design from Let’sGoDigital is pretty awesome. Many of the decisions which went into this concept’s creation are also rather common sense. Some concept designs for the PlayStation 5 have been audacious, but this most recent attempt from Let’sGoDigital is entirely plausible. The console itself isn’t outlandish, nor is the controller. Instead, seemingly incremental improvements like controller customization and system thermal performance dominate the PlayStation 5 design, and although they’re not flashy, they would make a world of difference for players.

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Source: Let’sGoDigital

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