How Painting Wood Paneling Will Change Your Life

There is simply no reason you must live perpetually with a dated wood kitchen if you don’t want to. Or live in a dark, wood-paneled den just because your home contains one.  And, no, you don’t have to rip the wood paneling out.

blue pillow

Pull Up a Comfy Chair and Read This Post

You need to lighten up your life by painting wood paneling in your home. I know, I know:  your husband says “No way, Jose!” Men have lots of reasons for leaving wood in its natural state as I expounded upon in my post, “Why Men Fear Painting Wood.”

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The 15 Best Interior Designers In BirminghamBuildDirect Blog: Life at Home

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Interior Designers: Birmingham, Al

(image: acnatta/Andre Natta)

Who is the best designer in Birmingham AL? Here are 15 candidates. Choose your favorite and tell us who we missed in the comments section.


With its eclectic, authentic charm and renovated historic properties, Birmingham has plenty of inspiration and resources for the local interior designers. The city is home to the highly successful regional magazine, Southern Living, and an incredible selection of antique stores, art galleries, and upscale boutiques.

Among the decorators in the Birmingham metro area, there are 15 who truly shine in their field. Listed

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8 Family Room Decorating Ideas From The ExpertsBuildDirect Blog: Life at Home

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Amanda Greaves_tidecrest

Amanda Greaves

Planning an interior design for a family room; where do you start? Here are 8 pointers directly from expert interior designers to help you take the first step.


Whether you gather together to watch the big game or have a quiet night of family fun, the family room is where you spend the most time gathering with friends and loved ones. It is where you make memories that all will cherish for years to come.

With a room that is used so often, and is the hub of your daily life, you want

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Seattle interior designer offers pro advice for a balanced home and work life

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The 15 Best Interior Designers in MinneapolisBuildDirect Blog: Life at Home

Reading Time: 4 minutes


Who is the best Interior designer in Minneapolis? Here is a list of 15 interior designers who may be the one. Vote for your fave and suggest new ones too.


In the land of 10,000 lakes, Minneapolis is well known as an industrial center of America. But it is also home to many fantastic interior designers, and it was tough to choose only 15 of them!

Here they are, listed in no particular order.

Lisa Peck - one of the 15 best interior designers in MinneapolisLisa Peck

While most kids absolutely loathe the idea of cleaning their room, Lisa relished it; she didn’t look at it

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Printable Room Planner to Help You Plan Your Layout > Life Your Way

Printable Room Planner

I am so excited to share these printable room planners with you today!

But first, I have to tell you that most of the credit goes to my amazing husband because I would have given up long before finishing these printables if it wasn’t for his help. He’s the real decorator, designer and Photoshop expert in the family, and this project proved it once again.

A family friend first introduced us to the idea of using a room planner years ago when she told us how she would cut out shapes to represent her furniture and practice moving them around

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New Year, New 2019 Living Room Trends to be Inspired ByBuildDirect Blog: Life at Home

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Salerno Porcelain Tile – Trail Wood Series / SKU: 15208230

A new year brings new interior design and décor trends. Take a look at some of the hottest ways to decorate your living room and update your design space for 2019.

Boho Is Back

Boho, or Bohemian style, never truly went away, but it’s certainly coming back full force in 2019. This décor style incorporates elements that are particularly interesting, full of life, or from different cultures. It embraces the unusual, the carefree, and the relaxed, inspired by those who lead unconventional lives, such as

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House with Frank Lloyd Wright-approved design finds new life

GREENWOOD, Ind. — The treasures are in the small details.

Glass aquarium corners in the Harry Cooler Conference Center give the sense of stepping into the outdoors and looking out over the wooded land around it, even while staying indoors. Ingeniously designed window placements and skylights allow for ample natural light but never overwhelming direct sunlight.



Closets and doors are hidden in plain sight, without handles or hinges. Well-placed skylights allow for indoor gardens filled with live plants.

‘Every time you’re in here, you notice something different. You turn a certain way or push something and discover something new,’ said

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Interior Design History: Decorating Styles Through the AgesBuildDirect Blog: Life at Home

Reading Time: 2 minutes

For as long as humanity has been a species, we’ve decorated.

From the ancient cave-paintings of our hunter-gatherer ancestors, to the fluted columns of early Western civilization, to modernist architecture into the 20th century, and now to 21st Century eclecticism, we’ve taken pride in our homes and in our communities by celebrating the wonders of aesthetics and practical design.

Are there any common threads in the history of interior design and exterior design? What have the Ancient Egyptians got in common with the Art Deco cities of the 1920s jazz age? And what design elements

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Real Life Decorating

Whether you’re moving into a new home or updating a single room, you’ll find inspiration here. See color schemes, paint techniques, and window treatments to fit your life and your style.

Make your bed, literally, with these four unique headboard-decorating ideas that will suit an existing bedroom décor or inspire a new one.

See one example of how wall décor transformed a dining room into a vibrant living space, and put these decorating ideas to work in your home.

From country-French to traditional swags, Katrin Cargill knows window treatments. Check out these creative approaches to home décor.

Decorating Magazines

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Real Life Rooms: Neutral Living Room with a Burgundy Couch

Decorate a neutral living while keeping your existing sofas -- and make a burgundy couch look stylish instead of dated

Hey there Remodelaholic readers! Dawn here, from AD Aesthetic, and I’m back this month with another reader question mockup to hopefully inspire some creative ideas for your space. If you’ve missed any of my previous reader question mockups, you can always see all my posts here.

If you follow Remodelaholic on Facebook, you’ve probably seen several of the reader questions that are submitted every month. Well each month here on Remodelaholic, I choose one reader submitted photo to offer my two cents on, and I create a Photoshop mock up of what I would do if I were in your

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Open-plan kitchen design ideas | Open-plan kitchen ideas for family life

  • We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article.

  • An open kitchen-dining-living space offers great versatility for the way we live today

    An open-plan kitchen suits today’s informal lifestyles, providing a natural hub for the home and greater sociability during cooking and prepping. But it takes skill to design a space that integrates easily with the living area, especially in apartments and smaller homes. Clever zoning, sound control and a cohesive decorating approach are all key factors.

    Open-plan living has become part of our everyday lives. From a home office within a living room to a

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    The 25 Best Interior Designers in Los AngelesBuildDirect Blog: Life at Home

    Reading Time: 8 minutes


    Los Angeles

    (image: daytrip2007 )

    A Los Angeles home is more than just a home, especially for those involved in the entertainment business. From intimate dinner parties to blowout bashes, a gorgeous and glamorous residence serves as an all-important hub for both business and pleasure. With this in mind, it follows that the interior designers in this star-studded city are often as famous as their celebrity clients. These elite aficionados know how to create a luxurious environment where deals can be sealed and influencers can make their mark. They can easily adapt to the wide range of architecture

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    The 15 Best Interior Designers in Louisville KYBuildDirect Blog: Life at Home

    Reading Time: 4 minutes

    Who is the best Interior designer in Louisville KY? Here is a list of 15 Louisville interior decorators who are prime candidates. Vote for your fave and tell us who we missed in the comments.


    The twin spires at Churchill Downs aren’t the only piece of architectural beauty in this city. Louisville has a wealth of interior designers whose creativity and knowledge make for stunning homes and offices. We wanted to find 15 of the best.

    Here they are, listed in no particular order.

    Karista Hannah - one of the 15 best interior designers in Louisville

    Before founding Set the Stage, Karista established herself as a premier

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