At least two prototypes of the thoroughly updated Tesla Model 3 have been spied on the move in Europe as the car manufacturer inches closer to revealing the new model, known internally as ‘Project Highland.’

One of the prototypes with a license plate reading ‘W 707 LM’ was filmed up close in France while parked and later snapped on a highway. A video of the car shared on Reddit shows that the entire exterior is covered in black cladding and camouflage, hiding the car’s revised exterior design.

Nevertheless, we do get a good look at the revised headlights of the Model 3 which are much narrower than the current car and seem a little sharper and more aggressive. However, it remains unclear if the headlights of this prototype are production-spec units. The overall shape of the new Model 3 remains the same but we can also see it fitted with a new set of 19-inch wheels with a satin black finish.

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Watch: Tesla’s Facelifted Model 3 ‘Project Highland’ Struts Its Stuff On The Highway

Model 3 Highland Spotting in France
by u/InformalSky8443 in teslamotors

Photos of both this prototype on a French highway, as well as a different prototype also recently photographed on the German Autobahn, also give us a little taste of the car’s updated rear end. We know that Tesla has equipped the new Model 3 with completely revised LED headlights but it has managed to keep the shape of them under wraps. Many sources believe that the rear will include a full-width light bar but the cladding of these prototypes is hiding it from view.

A host of mechanical improvements are also expected to be made to the new Model 3 that should boost its efficiency, range, and performance. One of the most significant upgrades could be the introduction of a steer-by-wire system paired with the carmaker’s controversial yoke steering wheel. The interior is also expected to have other similarities to the larger Tesla Model S and Model X and may come standard with an ambient lighting system.