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Top 10 Most Creative House Exterior Design Ideas

The facade is the mirror which reflects and indicates the taste of the owner of any house. Its importance drives everyone to search for the most beautiful exterior designs for their houses. And we know that designing the exterior facade of a home can be a complicated stage because it […]

The facade is the mirror which reflects and indicates the taste of the owner of any house. Its importance drives everyone to search for the most beautiful exterior designs for their houses. And we know that designing the exterior facade of a home can be a complicated stage because it demands a good choice of raw materials, balanced shape and colors. You need to follow some simple rules of design to come up with good results; an outcome that is visually appealing.

But in the beginning, we have to ask ourselves some questions, such as how are homes designed from the outside? What are the most important engineering bases? How can I choose the most beautiful design?  All of these questions are explained in this article. We present you some ideas  and tips that you could put in your consideration when choosing an exterior design for your house. It will help you to identify the good and bad designs, and the perfect design that suits your taste and guarantee the comfort and practical use also. And the most important thing you should think about to ensure the aesthetic form.

10 Benefits of technology

The houses are designed from the outside according to the engineering and aesthetic standards, it is built according to the work of integrated architecture, decoration and civil architecture. Thanks to the technological development, recently designs are done through software programs which enable you to see the final shape of the house exterior; these programs allow you to see the three dimensions of the exterior design of the house.

9 Three stages for planning the outside shape

House exterior design is based on three types of plans; the first is the outline “the general site” which includes a top view of the house; it focuses on the location of the house and the distribution of the space in front of and behind it; the second plan is the main exterior, which shows the front shape of the house; It is concerned with details, Heights, and levels. And finally the secondary shape from outside which include plans describing the remaining three-quarters of the house; they explain the height and levels, and the distribution of spaces on them.

8 The boundaries of the land or the outer wall

One of the most important things that participate mainly in the exterior design of houses, the outer wall is placed on the perimeter of the house’s land owner. This wall always corresponds to the layout of the outer walls regarding the design and the building materials used in decorating which raises the integration of the design.

7 Green areas

Engineers are concerned with the green spaces that surround the house, as for its aesthetic, environmental and healthy benefits. The facade of the house should contain green areas. No doubt that taking care of the green spaces demands effort, but it’s worth it.

6 Car Garage

The design of the house will not be complete if there is no place for the car. Placing the car randomly in front of the house is not an aesthetic element. Therefore, it is important to design the garage in proportion to the facade, and the area of ​​the garage is determined according to the land, empty places, and the number of members of the house.

5 Decorations create Shadows

The decors of the facade of the house can provide shades that prevent the arrival of sunlight. These decorations include the umbrellas that cover windows and doors. Canvas umbrellas are erected outside the house. There are also the additional walls, trees, and Columns; all these can employed to prevent sun rays from entering your home on the hot days. Just distribute them in the right places.

4 Convenience

One of the most important foundations that are taken into consideration, and all components of the facade decor are there to achieve it. For example the decorative columns should not be placed in the center of the space or in the way of people. And the entrances must have an area of ​​more than 2 meters in height and more than 70 centimeters wide.

3 Location of Main Street

The facade of the house often overlooks the main street, to ensure easy access to and exit from the house, and to also provide privacy and tranquility; most people do not find it good to view the interior rooms on the street.

2 Relevantly low cost is favored

For many, a perfect exterior design is not only that of a beautiful view, but also of a relatively low cost. It’s the design that ensures the exploitation of space, the use of building materials that are less expensive, and other factors that vary according to each project and its privacy and budget.

1 Additional things

these items are determined according to the circumstances of each home and project, the desire of the owner, the use of different materials, or the employment of a new method of implementation.

The quality of the exterior design of your house is a quite important thing; it should meet the condition of the land, the available space and the terms that ensure comfort and safety. It is significant to recognize all these factors so that you can distinguish between good and bad designs. The selection of the house design also depends on natural factors such as the nature of the land and surrounding area, and direction of the sun rays.

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